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LFA Condemns Persecution of Marine Corps Vet

LFA stands with our brother, Eddie Krumpe, as we would with any American, in his hour of need.


LFA Condemns Persecution of Marine Corps Vet

Marine Corps Veteran and LFA Brother Persecuted for his Views

Liberty For All takes great interest in, and closely monitors any situation in which the heavy hand of government threatens the individual liberties of any American.  However, today there is a threat just as real affecting one of our very own members.

lfaOur LFA brother, Eddie Krumpe is being persecuted by his employer, Skills Inc. of Tacoma  Wa.  over expressing grievance with our government and its mistreatment of political prisoners from the standoff at Malhuer Wildlife Refuge and specifically, the cold-blooded murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an honored LFA brother.

At the heart of the matter was a t-shirt with a patriotic message as well as an impromptu memorial to Eddie’s personal friend, LaVoy Finicum.

In an interview, Mr. Krumpe stated that in the middle of his shift, he was pulled from the production floor at his place of employment and escorted to a meeting with the human resources director and CEO of thlfae company.  At that time, it was alleged that Mr. Krumpe’s co-workers had complained about the shirt pictured here:

After explaining the meaning of the phrase “Molon Labe” to the pair, Eddie was then questioned about the markings on his truck as well as the meaning behind the inverted American Flag flown from his vehicle.

According to 4 USC, Section 8, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

We would ask:  what’s more of an extreme danger to life than innocent Americans gunned down by the very government that was instituted to protect them?

Mr. Krumpe went on to state:  “[The CEO] informed me that many other employees were very upset at me and that I was being disrespectful to the veterans on this Memorial Day weekend . I looked at him, puzzled because I am also a veteran and I asked him how so, due to the fact that I am also a veteran, [He] replied by telling me, “…that several employees have told him that they don’t feel safe coming to work with me because of the clothing that I wear and have been for over a year now.”

Mr. Krumpe said, “I was given an option of going home or taking down my flag and putting on another shirt.”

“[The CEO] tells me just to go home  and ordered me to clean up my truck.”

Eddie Krumpe, along with all others in the LFA organization, believe that airing our grievances and exercising our freedom of speech are the first step toward correcting the pattern of abuses perpetrated on Americans by those in positions of power.

Eddie and many other members of our organization made a trip to Arizona to meet LaVoy Finicum in person and to hear his story.  We regarded Mr. Finicum as we would our own family, and a brother-in-arms.

LaVoy Finicum, (L), pictured with Eddie Krumpe

  During a brief interview, Jeanette Finicum, widow of LaVoy had this to say, “Fellow Americans the “powers that be” are gathering together to squash those of us who are standing with a voice. LaVoy gave his life willingly for liberty. He stood up and is an example to us all, his sacrifice is inspiring others to do the same in their own sphere and in their own way. People are taking courage and standing for the return of our liberties. Please stand up and help Eddie Krumpe as his employer is trying to squash his voice, his right to express his feelings by threatening his employment. Let’s all stand together and be a voice for those who are beginning to be targeted. We can do this! Stand with faith, Stand with Courage, We the People can do this!”

LFA stands with our brother, Eddie Krumpe, as we would with any American, in his hour of need, as he expresses his heartfelt sympathies regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum and the perilous state of our nation.

We observe with increasing concern the conditions which have led to the potential economic martyrdom of a Marine Corps veteran, a good man, and friend to all who know him.


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  1. I stand with Eddie and the LFA. I am also Eddie’s girlfriend and have been by his side with all of his troubles at work over the last few months and i will continue to do so.

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