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Legislative Update – Rep. Heather Scott

Heather Scott

Legislative Update – Rep. Heather Scott

 heather scott

heather scottMay 2016 Administrative Rules & Regulations are out!

Quick Summary-IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE BULLETIN —  May 4, 2016 — Volume 16-5



Education – Standards for school buses and operations.

Business-National electrical codes; use, inspection and safety of submersible well pumps;   licensure of land surveyors; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-federal regulation, securities offerings, uniform regulatory framework,across jurisdictions; Streamlining of State Securities Issuer Filings, use of a national electronic depository (EFD) for the filing, adviser books and records requirements, investment advisers registration, incorporation by reference of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)

Health and Welfare-Rules on certified family homes; residential care or assisted living facilities in Idaho; behavior management for residents living in residential or assisted living facilities; rules governing residential habilitation agencies,

Resources and Conservation-rules governing conservation of oil and natural gas.

Revenue and Taxation-Taxes on paddleboards/ watercraft; prescription eyeglasses and component parts exemptions; Property Tax Rules-homeowner’s exemption; Urban renewal revenue, plan modifications; Forgone amount.

Transportation and Defense-Idaho motor fuels tax; Vehicles and/or loads that are required to operate under an over legal permit.

State Affairs- Cigarette wholesaler permits, Public utilities final rule.

Agricultural– Idaho wheat commission- final rule.

Judiciary, Rules, and Administration-Rules of the Commission of Pardons and Parole-

final rule

Environment, Energy, and Technology-Crop residue burning rules. NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Commerce and Human Resources-Rules for the judges’ retirement fund


All of May’s administrative rules can be found at this link:

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