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Idaho Primaries Show Citizen Engagement

Elections are only the first step. You must hold the elected to their word, and keep them accountable.


Idaho Primaries Show Citizen Engagement

The Idaho Primary elections are complete. Redoubt News is proud of all candidates that took part in the process. We thank everyone for their endeavors, and remind all that it takes a special kind of person to put themselves out in front of the public to attempt change.

All candidates are to be congratulated for their efforts.

Many races had upset victories, on all sides. Several incumbents kept their seats while many new faces hit the spotlights.

Highlights around the state included District 5. Carl Berglund took the Republican nomination for Seat A. Berglund is a Constitutional Conservative that believes in limited government. He challenges the incumbent Democrat, Paulette Jordan, in November.

District 34A showed Representative Ron Nate retaining his seat. Nate did some outstanding work in the last session and we are pleased that he will be able to continue.

District 7 Senate saw Carl Crabtree victorious over the incumbent, Sheryl Nuxoll. He takes on Democrat Ken Myers in November.

District 1 Senate incumbent, Shawn Keough, came out on top in a very contentious race with challenger Glenn Rohrer. Keough, chairmen of the Senate Budget committee, is challenged in November by Steve Tanner.

The sheriff races in this election cycle were filled with questions on the Constitution. Bonner County saw the support for the incumbent, Daryl Wheeler, while Kootenai County reaffirmed their belief in Ben Wolfinger. Wolfinger faces Democrat Tina Kunishige in November.

Boundary County had 3 candidates vying for the Sheriff position. Dave Kramer was victorious over challenger Dave Schuman and incumbent Greg Sprungl.

Cassia County Tax Vote

While most were watching the state level races, several counties had other issues in the forefront.

West Ada School District had three Trustees recalled. Several counties had levies, between school and infrastructure.

Cassia county had 4 tax questions on the ballot, and showed the importance of everyone being involved. Every vote counts, as you see the small numbers of people that weighed in on these taxes.

Overall, we have seen people engaged in the system that allows the citizens to have a voice. This is the only system that works, and people must stay involved. Elections are only the first step. You must hold the elected to their word, and keep them accountable.



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  1. You missed the most interesting race in the state with the highest vote count of any Legislative District Rep. race. Dorothy Moon, the challenger, gave a shellacking to the incumbent Merrill Beyeler in District 8. She beat him in all five counties, including his home county of Lemhi.

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