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FDA Promoting LGBT Lifestyle

The government is pushing a contrary agenda, and picking winners and losers among American citizens.


FDA Promoting LGBT Lifestyle

By Shari Dovale

The Food and Drug Administration announced today that they will spend $35.7 million on a public education campaign aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young adults.

The “This Free Life” campaign is designed to specifically reach the occasional or “social” smokers in the LGBT community to help prevent tobacco-related disease and the loss of LGBT lives to tobacco use each year.

According to the FDA, the “coming out” process is a unique tobacco-use risk factor for LGBT young adults due to the actual and perceived social stigma, discrimination and anxiety experienced during this process.

The campaign is being launched under the guise of tobacco cessation however, a major part of the campaign focuses on the acceptance of the LGBT culture. The premise of the campaign, it seems, is that anyone can have this wonderful LGBT lifestyle. (btw… without tobacco)

They already have “The Real Cost” program that is supposed to target all of America’s youth. This campaign was estimated to cost $115 million at the time of it’s launch in 2014.

$35 million is quite a bit of additional public funds to spend on a small minority of people, which should have been covered in the previous campaign.

The FDA are also claiming that the taxpayers are not funding this campaign, it is paid for through ‘user fees’. There is another good question… Who are the ‘users’ and how do they pay these fees? Simple, it is taxes on the products. Therefore, it is taxpayers that are funding the campaign.

Do not get me wrong, I have no desire to see any of today’s youth pick up the habit of smoking tobacco. However, the government is, again, taking advantage of the American people in pushing a contrary agenda, that of the LGBT community.

We would have been much happier to see them include everyone, and not, again, pick winners and losers.