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Every Vote Makes A Difference – by Christy Zito

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Every Vote Makes A Difference

by Christy Zito

“A man without a vote is a man without protection.” — Commonly attributed to President Lyndon Johnson

It is that time again, the street corners and by ways are covered with campaign signs.  News papers report on political forums, and letters to the editor discuss the current political talk of the day.  Every where we turn we are, including the mail box we are hearing the virtues of those who would vie for our vote on election day.  Unfortunately there are to many who feel that their vote simply does not count.

Lets examine this for a moment.  The right to vote is sacred.  As a teenager in junior high in a civics class, I distinctly remember our instructor Mr. Austin, with humble power impressing on our young minds the sacred power of the vote in our country.  He presented that there were not many places in the world where the vote had been secured and protected with the blood of heroes, those who fought to defend the liberty and freedom of a young nation.  Many do not realize that there were only 3% of the population of the young country at that time that supported the idea of independence, and the vision of a nation unto its own.  That 3% as a matter of historical record, made a difference.  A difference to the world.

In the presidential race between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon the difference that gave the Presidency to Kennedy was only 0.1 percent, that amounts to one vote in each precinct, across the country.  In the Bush v Gore election the results came down to just a few hundred votes.

Your vote does make a difference.  It is a privilege to enter the voting booth, cast your vote for the candidate of your choice.  You are never required nor do you ever have to divulge your choice.  Your vote is yours.  Voting is a sacred obligation that will help ensure the freedom of your country.  It is an affirmation of the blood and struggle of many generations of men and women that have paid the ultimate price for liberty and the right of the common man to participate in the governing of their own country.

Along with the right and privilege to vote there is also responsibility, each liberty we enjoy also carries with it responsibility.  Your responsibility is to be and informed voter.  Know the issues, know the voting record of the incumbent. Know the position of the challengers.  The power of the voter is the greatest power in our form of government, we have the power of term limits.  Elected officials serve at the will of the people.

When you think this election cycle that your vote doesn’t count, remember, every vote is important, each voice is heard in our republic.  Exercise the privilege that many before you sacrificed to protect.