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Democratic Narrative in Sandpoint

It is my right not to validate these proceedings with my attendance.


Democratic Narrative in Sandpoint

The current Primary race in North Idaho is getting quite contentious. At recent events and forums, we have seen badgering by Democrats and Establishment Republicans of incumbent candidates that border on the boorish.

Commissioner Sudick has been asked, repeatedly, about the lawsuits in Bonner County. Asked and answered… again… You can be assured it will be brought up again at the upcoming Democrat Forum.

The left is, also, intent on distracting the public from the record of the former county commissioner attempting another try at getting reelected. If he is proud of the time he spent in office, why isn’t his previous record being brought to the forefront?

Within the Sheriff race, the questions are designed against the incumbent, Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, yet no one is bringing the inexperience of the challenger into the limelight. The entire stance of Terry Ford, seems to revolve around a handful of “disgruntled” employees. If you take a look at his sunshine report you will see who is financing his campaign.

Ford recently took part in an interview/article that included calling the defense of a local vet “a publicity stunt” and citizens concerns about government overreach “nonsense.” Was that the candidate, or the writer of the article seeming to put words in his mouth? Either way, someone needs to take a serious course on understanding the US Constitution.

If he is truly concerned with supporting all of the citizens of this county, and not just a few annoyed workers, he would address these concerns with a bit more gravity and not just by mocking his constituents.

There will be a Democrat-sponsored forum in Sandpoint for the Primary Candidates. Here is another opportunity for the Establishment to attempt to control the narrative and disrespect the conservative candidates.

The questionnaire sent out prior to the event showed a heavily biased agenda slanted towards disparaging any true conservative.

“One question appeared unduly antagonistic towards our two incumbent Representatives:
In January, First District Rep. Sage Dixon and Sen. Heather Scott traveled on a fact-finding mission to the armed standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon carried out by a group protesting federal land policies. Was this an appropriate use of their elected positions?”

Another question seemed to be slanted against liberty-minded supporters of the Constitution:

We’re seeing more and more signs that state government is being stymied by the rift between mainstream politicians and ideologically driven newcomers. Do you see this as a serious issue, and if so, what is the solution?”

They have already made it clear that they will cherry-pick the questions:

  • Questions that meet with the moderators’ approval … “
  • “If there are pointed questions for certain candidates that are worthy … “

As a defender of free speech, and freedom of the press, I believe it is their right to hold such an event. However, it is my right not to validate these proceedings with my attendance.

I think there may be some old reruns on TV that might be more interesting for me to watch.


~ Shari Dovale