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CSPOA is Last Line of Defense

Sheriff Richard Mack, Photo: Redoubt News

CSPOA is Last Line of Defense

by Shari Dovale

CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriff and Police Officers Association, founded by Retired Sheriff Richard Mack, has come under fire from Leftist groups.

The Mainstream Media, beginning with the Associated Press and picked up by ABC, NBC, OPB and others, did a hit piece on April 4th in which they cite the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a source for their information. Does that tell us most of what we need to know?

The SPLC is known for labeling anyone that disagrees with the Socialist/Progressive agenda as a hate group. Yes, they hate anyone that does not kowtow to big government.

The CSPOA is promoting the defense of the US Constitution. How is that a bad thing? Every single elected official in this country takes an oath to defend the Constitution, yet many of them turn around just after their oath and label anyone that actually defends it as terrorists.

The AP article started their slant about two sheriff’s in Oregon. Appointed David Ward, who abdicated his authority in Harney County to the FBI, and Elected Glenn Palmer, who continues to defend the rights of the citizens in Grant County.

Yet, the propaganda media would have you believe that a Sheriff that defends your rights is ‘anti-government’. They want you to think that officials like Glenn Palmer should be investigated and stripped of their police certification just for citing the highest law of this country, the US Constitution.

The people are being rounded up and herded off to jail for speaking out and informing citizens of their rights. What happened to the rights of Free Speech? How about Freedom of the Press? And the rest of our rights guaranteed to us by the Founders of this Nation?

In this election year, you can wonder who the next clown will be to run this circus, or, you can actually focus on the elections that matter, the local elections. Your rights will not be upheld in Washington DC. They can only be upheld locally, and that begins with your Sheriff.

The CSPOA will be helping to promote the election of Constitutional Sheriffs across the country. I would guess they would start in Harney County, where defeating the man that turned his citizens over to the federal government should be a priority.

Supporting our Constitution is not ‘anti-government’. It is the oath that all elected officials swear to. Therefore, it is not okay for Oregon’s US Senator Ron Wyden to call the message of upholding the Constitution “a situation where the virus was spreading.”

Patriots want only to follow the law of the land. They are not a ‘hate group’ as the left-wing extremists continue to label them. (These uninformed, lefty elitists are like children that wonder if they repeat a lie often enough, it can become true.)


Author’s Note: I originally wrote this article the day the AP article came out, yet I held it back for several reasons. This topic has gained more traction as of late, and I find that it is time to share my thoughts. I include 2 media presentations for you that go along with the topic.

The first is a podcast from John Jacob Schmidt, of Radio Free Redoubt. The podcast is number 16-17. The second is the presentation of Sheriff Richard Mack, of CSPOA, while in Burns, OR.

Enjoy, we hope these are helpful to you.




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