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Christy Zito Introduces Her Candidacy

Christy Zito truth

Christy Zito Introduces Her Candidacy

Letter to the Editor:

I am Christy Zito, I am running for House of Representatives in our District 23 for Seat A. I live in Idaho by choice. I moved here thirteen years ago with my family. We could have chosen anywhere to live but we chose Idaho. I grew up helping on my great-grandmother’s ranch in Stone, Idaho and living on a small family farm in Northern Utah. I raised my children on a farm and taught them to be productive members of society with a sense of accountability and strong work ethics.

I currently serve as Precinct Committeewoman, County State Committeewoman and have served on the State Resolutions Committee at the State Republican Convention. Serving in the precinct has given me a new respect for bottom up governance.

I respect the intellect of the citizens of Idaho. I firmly believe that they know best how to govern themselves. I believe they deserve representation that will listen to them, representation that will be their voice in Boise. I would be honored to be that choice. I absolutely love the diversity of our district. It has been my pleasure to travel from one end to the other to meet you and to learn what is important to you. Let us make sure the dialogue continues. It will be my plan to hold monthly meetings in each county in the district. It is my number one priority to stay in contact with you who I may have the honor of representing.

I currently live with my daughter on a small farm in Hammett. I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to own and work that small piece of dirt. I believe in liberty, in state sovereignty and in service to others. I would love to meet with you.

My email is Web site and face book for Christy Zito for Idaho.