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Christy Zito – Candidate for Idaho 23A

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Christy Zito – Candidate for Idaho 23A

It has been a privilege and an amazing honor to travel our legislative district this election cycle. Our district is as amazing as it is diverse. We have beautiful pine tree covered hills, rugged mountains, and breathtaking canyons. We have flat fertile farm ground, sage covered grazing lands, and beautiful waterways. The people of our district are just as wonderful. We, the people of Idaho, are strong and independent. When I shake hands with you as I travel the district, please know that I listen and take your words and opinions as something very important. You deserve to be represented in a way that shows respect to who you are.

I have listened to your concerns, hopes, dreams and vision for the future that we will create for our children and grandchildren. I see the opportunity of representing you as a sacred trust. If I have earned that trust, I will work tirelessly to represent you.

Thank you again,

Christy Zito

Candidate House Of Representatives
District 23 Seat A