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Donna Capurso for Boundary County Commissioner Dist. 2

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Donna Capurso for Boundary County Commissioner Dist. 2

   On Tuesday, May 17th, we have a wonderful opportunity to vote for a true Conservative to run for the position of County Commissioner for the District 2 seat in Boundary County.


I have known Donna Capurso for approx. 31 yrs when she was a Dispatcher for a large Police Dept. and during her off time volunteered many hours as a Reserve Sgt. for the Reserve Police Unit for that Department.


Donna is a very active member of the community and believes very strongly in the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions as they were intended and were written by our founding fathers. She believes that every governmental agency   ( City, County, State, and particularly the Federal governments ) should abide by those founding documents, and that every government official should defend and uphold the Constitution as they had sworn when they first took office.


She has always been an industrious, hardworking, person on those issues in which she believes and will be tenacious in assuring that her efforts will be directed toward achieving those objectives and goals regardless of whatever obstacles may be placed in her way.


I believe that she will maintain a strict oversight on the budgets of the various departments within the Boundary County government, as well as other agencies who receive taxpayer dollars from the citizens of our community.


She will insure that our community will get the best bang for the buck without a reduction in quality and availability of services to the citizens of our community.


If you want a good, hardworking, Constitutional, Patriot who will diligently serve the hardworking taxpayers of this county, vote for Donna Capurso for Boundary County Commissioner Dist. 2 in the May 17th Republican Primary election.


Thank You for your consideration.
Sincerely, Richard K. Braun


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