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Legislative Update – Rep. Heather Scott


Rep. Heather Scott – District 1

Heather Scott

Secret location in Idaho


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The 2016 Session is over until next January, and here is a link to a simple summary of what happened in the three months in Boise.  Bills that passed start on Pg. 8 and are listed by topic.


Just because Session is over doesn’t mean the job of the legislator or the citizen is over!  Now is the most important time to pay attention to what government is doing while many are not watching because now is when bureaucrats and lobbyists are drafting “negotiated” rules, regulations, and fees.  This process allows for citizens input, although most citizens are unaware of their power or the process.  Now is the time to share your concerns about how you are being governed.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, please go to and read my newsletter.  It will explain everything.

Heather Scott


Rules & Regulations & Fees you should be aware of:





The rules, regulations and fees released in March & April include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Rules of Building Safety & Plumbing – Adoption and amendments to International Building Codes, Idaho Residential Code, Idaho Energy Conservation Code, International Existing Building Code, and plumbing codes for Idaho citizens.
  • Education – professional development for staff; consequences& reporting on students for committing acts of bullying; Common Core – (federal control of school content) – standards and endorsements to national standards for Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Earth and Space Science, Elementary, Mathematics, Music, Natural Science, Pre-Service Technology, Physical Science, Physics, Visual Arts, as well as Foundation Standards for Science and Visual and Performing Arts (COMMON CORE SCIENCE).
  • Driver Education Programs – medical examinations.
  • Idaho Content Standards – What Idaho students should know and be able to do at each grade level in certain content; standards for Idaho School Buses and Operations (reflect the changes from the national level.)  Special Education alignment with federal law and regulation.
  •  Rules governing certification of Family Homes  
  • Residential Care or Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho – licensing requirements for behavior management for residents living in residential or assisted living facilities.  
  • Rules governing residential Rehabilitation Agencies. The investigation and enforcement of fraud, abuse, and misconduct regarding civil monetary penalties for public assistance programs. 
  • State Tax Commission – Property Tax Rule 625 – Exemptions applications for a tax exemption.
  • DEQ- Medicine Lodge Creek TMDL: DEQ has submitted this TMDL to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for approval under the Clean Water Act.
  • Underground Storage Tank Systems – Fee increases.  Owners and operators of underground storage tanks, cities, counties, bankers, lenders, realtors, petroleum marketers, consultants, representatives of the Idaho Petroleum Storage Tank Fund Board of Trustees, and citizens of the state of Idaho may be interested in participating in this rulemaking.
  • Rules for the Judges’ Retirement Fund (JFR) – rate increase.

Time is running out to request hearings and send in your comments,

so PLEASE take a look.


Special committees will be meeting throughout the summer to prepare for the 2017 legislative session.  All of the interim action will be detailed on the Legislature’s website at



Heather ScottKeep an eye out for my next legislative update.  I will be sharing a very exciting plan I hope you will consider being part of.

In Liberty, Rep Heather Scott

Heather Scott
Rep. Heather Scott

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