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Kris L. Steneck for Idaho District 7B

I will also not relent to the cancer of political correctness


Kris L. Steneck for Idaho District 7B

Today many politicians see their office simply as a job. Their eyes have strayed from the foundations of our fathers and turned towards the collective instead of the individual. It should be our job to undue the ropes that are being tightened around our necks rather than making more laws which replicate themselves again and again. Unlimited government is dangerous and we should not ignore this.

In the last two sessions my opponent has damaged the real object to be pursued, that of the public good. He voted yes on H312 (2015) which raised the gas tax 28%. It also increased vehicle registration fees which included commercial and farm vehicles. Motorcycle registration doubled. My opponent also voted yes for HB 513a (2016) ‘The Real ID Act’. This is an insidious unfunded Federal mandate, whose burden of implementation falls again on Idaho taxpayers. A new form of identification, its definition is linked to access of public lands. Could we soon be locked out of Public and other so-called, Federal Lands as well as buildings without this special ID? Governments are instituted in order to safeguard life, liberty and property yet government has become so large and intrusive that it has become the greatest threat to life, liberty, and property.

I am uncompromisingly pro: life, Christian, traditional marriage, Constitution, 2nd amendment, state sovereignty, lower taxes, freedom, individual rights and responsibility, local control of education, peace officer, nullification (state and jury), business and agriculture, rights of property and business owners.

I am uncompromisingly against: big, global, or intrusive government, taxes, police states, nanny states, infringements of individual rights, bureaucracy and bureaucratic regulation, unchecked/illegal immigration, Socialism, cartels, monopolies, cronyism, entrenchment and centralization of power.

I understand: the Constitutional limits to governmental authority, the inherent power of a sheriff, the difference between a right and a privilege, the threats from: central banks, paper money, debt, and Keynesian economics. I understand: the corporate nature of government and citizenship, the enslaving and disincentive nature of taxes and regulations. I understand the critical battle for freedom, the difficulty of this job, and that somebody has to do it. I understand the founder’s idea of the citizen representative.

I will also not relent to the cancer of political correctness by compromising the Constitution or the Idaho Republican platform.


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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho PAC (RLCID PAC) has endorsed 22 candidates for the Idaho Legislature for the May 17th Republican Primary. To accept the RLCID PAC endorsement candidates are required to sign the “Liberty Compact” (below). We will be announcing the endorsed candidates as they sign and return their “Liberty Compacts” to us. Please check back often as we add names of endorsed candidates to this list. We will leave this post pinned to the top of this page now through May 17th.

NOTICE: You may be surprised to not see one or more of your favorite legislators on this list of endorsed candidates. That is likely because they do not have a Primary challenger. The RLCID PAC did not consider a candidate for endorsement in the Primary if they did not have a challenger. The RLCID PAC will announce its list of General endorsements sometime after the May 17th Primary. Any candidate endorsed in the Primary is automatically endorsed in the General.

2016 Idaho Legislature Endorsed Candidates:

D7B: Kris Steneck

Liberty Compact
“As your elected representative I will work to: Restore liberty, not restrict it; shrink government, not expand it; reduce taxes, not raise them; abolish programs, not create them; promote the freedom and independence of citizens, not the interference of government in their lives; and observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution, not ignore them.”