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Jones Running for Idaho District 13B

Mr. Jones and his family have lived in the Nampa community since 2001.


Jones Running for Idaho District 13B

Alan C. Jones announced his candidacy for Idaho State Representative, District 13 Seat B. He states that he is a conservative who has respect for the United States and Idaho Constitutions. He asserts he will be an advocate for limited government, lower taxation and less intervention because these are real principles of the Idaho Republican Party and are keys for a thriving free market society.

Mr. Jones has served as a Republican Precinct Committeeman for 2 ½ terms and as a District Chairman. “My many years of Canyon County Central Committee and political participation has taught me quite a bit. I believe the most important lesson is the importance of “Principle above Party Politics. One other issue is the attitude of elected officials being a step above the rest of the citizenry. Government officials, in all due respect, are to be citizens serving and answering to the people, not part of the king’s court.”

Mr. Jones and his family have lived in the Nampa community since 2001. He has served in non-profit groups such as Rotary, U.S. Patriot Club, the Nampa Tourism Council and his church. “In talking to people in the community, it is clear that we need a Legislature primarily concerned about 1: A growing Idaho economy, 2: Not looking for more ways to spend, but ways to control and cut spending, and 3: Idaho being in control of Idaho, not bullied by, entangled with or beholden to the Federal Government. This will not be achieved with an establishment mindset, which is distasteful to me.” Some of Mr. Jones’ notable endorsements include, Nampa City Council members Bruce Skaug and Sandi Levi.

Mr. Jones has been married for 20 years this August. They have four children, six grandchildren, and 1 ½ dogs.