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Idaho Election Candidate Lists in One Place

Working together is the best part of the Redoubt!

Idaho Election Candidate Lists in One Place

For All Idaho Citizens~

Do you know what is happening in your county? Who is running for Commissioner? How about your Sheriff candidates? Is there a Special Tax Levy on the upcoming ballot?

idaho county state candidatesWhat about your neighboring counties? Would you like to know what is happening nearby?

Would you like a place to see a list of all state and county candidates, for Idaho, for the upcoming May 17th primary election?

Redoubt News asked every county to send us an updated list for the May election. We compiled all available data for every ballot throughout the state. The ballot information is available for you to keep up with what is happening in your area, and around the State.

Is there a Special Levy election in your county? It’s in there.
Are there election contests that have no challengers? It’s in there.
Who is running for The Idaho Supreme Court? It’s in there.

We have it separated into easy to find lists. Federal and Judicial; State Candidates, by District; and County Candidates. Candidates from all parties are included. You will find it easily, on the top menu of Redoubt News.

We included scores, if available, from the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Do you know of another organization that is scoring the candidates? Let us know!

Additionally, we have included links to any articles where the candidate may have been mentioned on Redoubt News. If your candidate does not have a link, have them contact us. We are happy to put up their announcement and press release.

We also list events to meet your candidates, as they are sent to us. Check out the Community Calendar.

There are a few counties that we are still waiting for information, but overall, we have received most of it. This was not compiled by computer, so if you see information that you feel needs updating, just let us know! We will be updating the information as it arrives.

We are hoping that someone has put lists together for other states in the Redoubt. We would love to link to those, as well.

Working together is the best part of the Redoubt!

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  1. My name is Todd Sudick. I am the current Bonner County district 2 Commissioner. Victoria Zeischegg is not my opponent in this election. That would be Jeff Connolly. Can you make this correction

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