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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Shea’s Patriot Playbook

Citizens must empower themselves to gain the government they desire.

Patriot Matt Shea

Matt Shea’s Patriot Playbook

Representative Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley) is the co-founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Western States (COWS). He recently met with the Spokane County Constitutional Republicans in Spokane Valley.

As keynote speaker, he took the opportunity to catch everyone up on this year’s legislative session in Olympia, where they were able to overturn 27 of Governor Jay Inslee’s vetoes. A major victory, this has united legislators on both sides of the aisle for many issues.

PatriotHe then went on to describe the current political climate in our region and country. Disinformation and Propaganda are major tools the current government is using against the people. The need for the truth is more apparent than ever.

As Chairmen of COWS, Shea clarifies just what that organization is doing to support the Constitution and the Citizens. Discussing the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, Matt reveals more of what happened to LaVoy Finicum and the other political protesters. “To reclaim what freedom is, we must work across state borders,” Shea emphasizes.

He then demonstrates the need for the citizens to organize locally. Citizens throughout the states are asking what they can do and how they can help their country. Shea outlines it here. It is not difficult, but you must be determined and persistent. Shea illustrates how patriots can empower themselves to return our country to it’s roots, and what the Founder‘s envisioned.

Patriot Matt Shea
Rep. Matt Shea, Photo: Redoubt News

Filled with anecdotes, Shea is an accomplished public speaker that holds his audience’s attention throughout the evening, and a very important message is shared. Citizens must empower themselves to gain the government they desire.

You get the government that you allow. Will you continue to allow what you know to be wrong?

Rep. Shea offered Redoubt News the opportunity to share this vital information to the Patriotic public. We gladly take up that effort and present it here for everyone that is determined to reclaim their country.






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2 Comments on EXCLUSIVE: Matt Shea’s Patriot Playbook

  1. It is by consent that governments are created by the People, and when any government infringes on the rights of the People, it is their right and their duty to change or abolish it, and create a new one that serves the Will of the People.

  2. That right there is a true patriot. The kind that the founding fathers would be proud of. All hope is not lost when we have God-fearing men willing to stand against tyranny and inspire others. Well done! And thank you Redoubt News for covering this! -JJS

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