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Boundary County Candidate Forum

The Senate candidates were the main focus of the forum.

Boundary County Candidates (Photo: Redoubt News)

Boundary County Candidate Forum

The Boundary County Republican Central Committee hosted the Republican candidates for County Commissioner and Sheriff, as well as the District 1 state candidates last week.

Daryl Kirby was personable and a good choice for Master-of-Ceremonies. With a large number of candidates and a limited amount of time, Daryl did well keeping the evening running smoothly.

Commissioner candidates included Donna Capurso and Walt Kirby (incumbent). Both candidates were knowledgeable and well versed on the issues. It would be well worth the time for the people of Boundary county to spend time getting to know them, and their position on more issues.

Sheriff candidates included Greg Sprungl (incumbent) Dave Kramer and Dave Schuman. It will be difficult to decide between three candidates. They all have experience and different visions of the job of Sheriff. Another forum or two might help the public differentiate their choices.

One of the main concerns for the public is the jail certification. All of the county candidates had the opportunity to address this subject.

The sheriff candidates also had the chance to discuss their views on working with the Federal authorities. This is another hot topic that we should see brought up again in other forums.

Representatives Heather Scott and Sage Dixon made short presentations. As neither are challenged in the upcoming primary, the audience questions did not focus on them.

The Senate candidates were the main focus of the forum, nearly raising it to the level of a debate. The incumbent, Shawn Keough, handled herself well as she dealt with the aggression of her opponent, Glenn Rohrer. Let’s hope this race does not decay to the level we have seen in the current presidential race.

Please enjoy the video clips, linked below, from our You Tube channel:

Sheriff and Commissioner candidates – Question concerning jail certification.

Commissioner Candidates Opening Statements

Sheriff candidates – Question on County versus Federal jurisdiction.

Senate Candidates – Opening statements plus comments on Campus Carry

Senate Candidates, Comments on NRA Ratings, plus closing statements.



**Edited to add additional video

1 Comment on Boundary County Candidate Forum

  1. This is an amazing piece of spin. For those of us who were at the forum, the impression we came away with on some candidates was quite different.

    For instance, the moderator eliminated questions he apparently thought would disadvantage some candidates by claiming he “combined” them by choosing one question on the topic, which of course he chose.

    Then there was Walt Kirby’s performance, which was nothing short of embarrassing – again. It was just as embarrassing at a forum a couple of years ago, and one wonders why he would be given a single vote. He actually seemed to wonder about that himself, saying, “Well, I just keep getting re-elected.”

    And Keough “handled herself well as she dealt with the agression of her opponent”? The Boundary County Central Committee-sponsored forum is the only one she has attended, despite invitations from other forum sponsors, because she clearly feels that here she’ll be protected from hard questions if at all possible. Somehow a couple of hard questions made it through anyway (because there are so many, as we know), but of course they were portrayed as “agression”.

    Also, in the interest of transparency, would it be possible to publish the name of this article’s author?

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