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Bingham – Conservative for Kootenai District 3

Advocate for property owners and founder of North West Property Owners Alliance.


Bingham – Conservative for Kootenai District 3


Bob Bingham, local advocate for property owners and founder of North West Property Owners Alliance, announces his intention to seek the office currently held by fellow Republican Dan Green.

Launched into community service when a concerned neighbor called him in 2012 about the proposed ULUC Code, Bingham united citizens together by founding NWPOA.ORG. Under a common banner, a broad coalition of citizens from all walks of life and from several political persuasions catalyzed together with the common goals of protecting property and privacy rights.

“It has been very humbling to me that over the last 3-4 years people from communities all around Kootenai and Bonner counties have invited me to speak on topics related to property and privacy rights and to represent their collective interests before elected officials. If elected, I pledge to continue working with and representing the interests of citizens.”

Bob is dedicated to the spirit of our U.S. Constitution, the application of conservative principles, a desire for a nimble and transparent government that is accountable to, and properly serves, its citizens.

Bingham spent two decades working in the power industry, serving as plant manager of a 600 mega-watt, $300 million power generation facility, personally responsible for staff and annual budget of $33 million dollars. He spent another decade working as a commercial and residential general contractor. Bingham also obtained his credentials as a certified code inspector in the 1980s.

If elected, he plans to work with staff, other agencies, and elected officials to make our county government vastly more transparent. Applying research-based data and seeking consensus to solve several long range facility planning needs such as the need for our county jail expansion. Bingham plans to explore new ways to stimulate economic growth (business) and believes this is an underutilized tool in meeting the needs of county services without burdening property owners with higher taxes.

“I can’t say enough about Bob Bingham’s tireless work and thoughtful research over the last several years. Bob played an instrumental role in helping to stop the proposed Unified Land Use Code. He has a proven track record of citizen representation.”Jennifer Locke – Republican Precinct Committeeman

Bob and his wife, Paige, married 35 years, reside in the Athol/Bayview area. They have one adult child, Elisabeth, who lives in Hayden.

3 Comments on Bingham – Conservative for Kootenai District 3

  1. Attention Redoubt News Editor:

    The last time I talked to Bob, he was in favor of the massive 300+ acre sewer plant south of Silverwood. Could you ask him his present position.

    • I recall talking to a John (NWPOA member) about the Silverwood development and the sewer treatment type. I will have to differ with your statement about my position, my position has NEVER changed and I have stated it in numerous public meetings over the last 3.5 yrs. I’ve stated the following perhaps hundreds of times; “THAT I NOR NWPOA EVER supports or fights development”. Why?
      Because “development” according to Idaho & county law is anything that requires a permit and EVERYONE of us who has ever taken out or plans to take out a permit is thus a developer. In essence, we as property owners would become sharks fighting each other if I or NWPOA took sides. In fact over the last few years I’ve received calls and emails from property owners wanting me to support or fight something they were on one side or the other on. I’ve always declined to get involved or offer an opinion.
      As a candidate who may have to enjoin a future judicial hearing on the Silverwood development, I have not and cannot take a position. To do so would compromise any future BOCC decision I would render. (already prejudged w/o hearing all the evidence)
      Regarding the technology for the sewer plant, I have the understanding it is to be an underground pressurized drip system, which is a very sound system type. I used to design and install septic systems, I fully support and trust gravity and pressurized technology type septic systems. I have no idea why they believe they need 500acres for such a system type, it seems way over designed. If you want to meet to discuss, please contact me. In summary, I trust pressurized drip septic treatment systems and otherwise I have consistently had no opinion to offer on the development itself. I hope this helps. thanks

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