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Berglund Announces Challenge to District 5A

He will face a Primary challenge in May for the Republican nomination.


Berglund Announces Challenge to District 5A

Local Businessman, Carl Berglund, has announced his candidacy for Idaho House Seat 5-A. Berglund intends to challenge incumbent Democrat Paulette Jordan, but will first face a Primary challenge in May for the Republican nomination.

He is a native of his district having graduated from Deary High School in 1979, and proudly served in the United States Navy, with an honorable discharge in 1988.

In his civilian life, Berglund has worked as a logger, a craftsman welder in industrial construction and as management in mining and deep water drilling.

In 1999, Carl served on the Platform Committee of the Washington State American Heritage Party and as a delegate to the National Convention. At that convention, the new name of Constitution Party was adopted.

From 2007 to 2011, Carl served as the Vice-Chair of the Idaho Constitution Party and currently serves as Chairman for the Latah Republican Liberty Caucus. Additionally, Berglund taught courses on the Constitution for several years.

As a liberty minded statesman who has worked to champion personal liberty and limit government intrusion, Berglund understands the purpose of government as that which protects individual rights.

He is a Constitutional Conservative that is Pro-Life and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He also believes in limited and accountable government and the return of Federally-claimed lands to the State of Idaho.

As a strong Christian, Carl is a strong supporter of Religious Liberty & Free Speech. The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution and article 1, section 4 of the Idaho Constitution guarantee the protection of the right to exercise and enjoy religious faith and worship. Berglund strongly believes this right should be jealously guarded.

Well known and well liked in his home district, Berglund has taken up the challenge to represent the citizens of District 5. Latah and Benewah counties are showing their support for a true Constitutional Conservative.

Carl currently lives in Kendrick with his wife Juley and their 6 children.

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho PAC (RLCID PAC) has endorsed 22 candidates for the Idaho Legislature for the May 17th Republican Primary. To accept the RLCID PAC endorsement candidates are required to sign the “Liberty Compact” (below). We will be announcing the endorsed candidates as they sign and return their “Liberty Compacts” to us. Please check back often as we add names of endorsed candidates to this list. We will leave this post pinned to the top of this page now through May 17th.

NOTICE: You may be surprised to not see one or more of your favorite legislators on this list of endorsed candidates. That is likely because they do not have a Primary challenger. The RLCID PAC did not consider a candidate for endorsement in the Primary if they did not have a challenger. The RLCID PAC will announce its list of General endorsements sometime after the May 17th Primary. Any candidate endorsed in the Primary is automatically endorsed in the General.

2016 Idaho Legislature Endorsed Candidates:

D5A: Carl Henry Berglund Jr.

Liberty Compact
“As your elected representative I will work to: Restore liberty, not restrict it; shrink government, not expand it; reduce taxes, not raise them; abolish programs, not create them; promote the freedom and independence of citizens, not the interference of government in their lives; and observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution, not ignore them.”