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Now is the time for “We the People” to take a stand.



The Liberals’ Trump Cards

By Donna Capurso

As the America that I love is being destroyed by a federal administration and a Congress that believe corruption, lies and socialism are perfectly alright, they know that as long as Americans are apathetic and tout political correctness they will continue with their agenda without repercussions.

apathySo I question why there is so much apathy when we are losing our autonomy, our freedoms and our American way of life? Over the years I have asked people why they don’t vote and the usual answer I get is that they don’t believe their vote will make a difference. Others answer that they don’t know who they should vote for or that all politicians are crooks so they won’t vote for anyone at all. I can understand this frustration, as it does take time and effort to research who the different candidates are and what they stand for.

Every single American in this country that believes in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and that liberty and justice are worth fighting for needs to step up and take action. The very minimum is making informed decisions on candidates and making their voices heard at the polls. Anything less is relegating not only ourselves, but our children, grandchildren and generations to come to socialism and government control over our lives and our destinies.

Today’s politicians, with few exceptions, are part of the problem instead of being part of the solution in resolving the serious situation our country is in. Whether on a local, state or federal level, many of those that make the decisions that affect our lives have lost touch with the people they represent. They live in their own world of personal agendas, egocentric power and an attitude of ignoring what is important to the people who put them in office. It seems that the upper echelons of government in Washington D.C. have little in common with their constituents than any other level of government. Most have become elitists that think they know what is best for “We the People.” A voter has more influence over their local county and city elected officials than any other governmental level.

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners." ~Charlton Heston
“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” ~Charlton Heston

No one can be expected to please everyone all the time, but I believe that a true representative of the people should be making decisions that are in the best interests of the people they represent. An authentic leader will make the right decisions as long as those decisions are consistently based on integrity, honesty and moral fortitude. When it comes to making decisions, our leaders cannot be afraid to do the right thing, even if it means bucking the status quo or the decision is unpopular. As James Freeman Clarke once said, “A politician thinks of the next election – a statesman of the next generation.”

The liberals on the left use the phrase “political correctness” in an effort to keep the silent majority silent. We as true Americans can no longer remain silent and each one of us has the ability to make a difference. Your level of involvement is up to you. As we are pummeled by our federal government with more laws to control our lives and divisive ways to make Americans more dependent on their socialistic agenda, it will be up to each and every one of us to take a stand. Ask yourself how your grandchildren and beyond will think about what you did to protect their futures, their freedoms, and their destinies in the decades to come?

I am personally disgusted by those who continually try to tell me that God has no place in our government or in public places and try to convince me that evil is good and good is evil. Our very religious freedom is threatened and we must we stick to our moral convictions when it comes to knowing that the sanctity of marriage is between and man and a woman and that life begins at conception. We are called racists or bigots because we want to protect our community from radical Islamists and the devastation they would bring to us in the disguise of Syrian refugees. We understand that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, but was put in our Bill of Rights to protect us from a tyrannical government. Why do you think the federal government is trying so hard to take our guns away?

We as a country, state and county will face many upcoming challenges with a failing economy and a federal debt of more than 19 trillion dollars and growing every minute of every day. You do not need to be an accountant to understand that the out of control spending of the federal government is not sustainable and it will be the citizenry that will pay the piper.

It will be up to us to be the guardians of freedom for our children, grandchildren as well as generations to come. If we don’t protect our freedoms for those we love, then who will? Now is the time for “We the People” to take a stand.



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1 Comment on APATHY & POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – Donna Capurso

  1. Thank you Donna: As one who has been a boots on the ground activist for some time,I have felt the same frustrations you express about what Gibbon called a “Luxurious and effeminate” population. One of the delights of being there has been, for me,meeting that special breed of peppery and vocal women who have more testicular fortitude -(Or would it be ovular fortitude?) than 10 of the Humberts combined. Too right,The greatest obstacle to the establishment of their socialist utopia,and the greatest difficulty confronting the social cleansing they see as necessary,is an armed civilan population.I’d like to address here the many other Americans of my class – that is, the over 60, empty nester, mortgage paid,fires banked “Sunsetters”. I can testify that this time of my life – I’m 68 – has turned out to be the most exciting and inspiring grand adventure, and it hasn’t happened by meeting the guys for 18 holes on Tuesday,volunteering at the food bank, or trimming the roses.This going to where the fight is has enriched my life beyond measure, and believe me, those fires ain’t banked! I are waiting for the absolutely perfect occasion, preferably led by Mother Teresa,R E Lee and Ben Franklin himself. It ain’t gonna happen ! Did you ever consider that as the most mature and seasoned segment of the population, not to mention our professional skills and connections in the old boy network, that we seniors could be an invaluable asset to this liberty cause? Lets make this the time when we restore and secure the greatest legacy we can give – Life, Liberty and Happyness for our children

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