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Protesters Took Photos – Feds Caused Damage

4 news conferences were held Tuesday, in 4 different states, in support of the political prisoners.


Protesters Took Photos – Feds Caused Damage

Supporters of Malheur Refuge occupiers claim feds caused damage

BEND, Ore. –Supporters of the Malheur National Wildlife refuge occupiers who were arrested at the end of the 41-day takeover held four news conferences Tuesday at which they claimed it was the federal government — not the occupiers — who caused the damage in recently released photos.

B.J. Soper of Redmond, member of Pacific Patriots Network, and former Harney County fire official Chris Briels speak at Bend news conference Tuesday, one of four held around West refuting federal claims of millions in damage caused to Malheur Refuge during 41-day occupation(Photo: Wanda Moore/KTVZ.COM)
B.J. Soper of Redmond, member of Pacific Patriots Network, and former Harney County fire official Chris Briels speak at Bend news conference Tuesday, one of four held around West refuting federal claims of millions in damage caused to Malheur Refuge (Photo: Wanda Moore/KTVZ.COM)

At the Bend event outside the Deschutes County Courthouse, B.J. Soper of the Pacific Patriots network and former Harney County fire chief Chris Briels said they want evidence of the claimed damage and an itemized list.

Breils said the FBI staged the damage at the refuge to justify the announced damage amount of $1.7 million. (Much of the rest of the costs involve extra law enforcement.)

Here’s their news release, in full.


Eyewitnesses of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation held four simultaneous news conferences in four states today to reject the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (US F&WS) claims that there were $6 million in damages left behind at the refuge.

Las Vegas, NV eyewitnesses include Nevada State Assembly members John Moore and Shelly Shelton, and Stand By Me for Liberty Rally organizer Karen Steelmon.

Bend, OR eyewitnesses include former Harney County Fire Chief Chris Briels and Committee of Safety members Dwayne Schrock, LInsay Tyler and William Wilson.

Salt Lake City, UT eyewitnesses include founder of the oldest women’s gun rights organization Janalee Tobias and Thara Finicum Tenney, LaVoy Finicum’s oldest daughter.

Fredonia, AZ eyewitnesses include Shawna Cox, whose camera has become the centerpiece of evidence for the murder of LaVoy Finicum, LaVoy’s brother Guy Finicum, and Sharla Christie.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released photos from inside the refuge falsely accusing ranchers LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy and others in the peaceful occupation, of causing $6 million in damages.

Ammon Bundy

There is another side to this story.

Evidence shows that the U.S. F&WS used photos to justify a $6 million taxpayer-funded money grab. They represented that they took these photos after the occupation ended, when in fact they were taken by the occupiers themselves when they arrived at the refuge to document the disarray and neglect.

Given the information we now have, the FBI and the US F&WS have clearly committed fraud with intent to cover up their misconduct, deceive the taxpayers and incriminate the innocent.

Those involved in this government cover up must be investigated and prosecuted.

In addition, photo and video evidence collected proves that rancher LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy and their followers being held in jail without bond are innocent and we demand their release.

Numerous testimonies from eyewitnesses at the refuge show no damage reported. After LaVoy Finicum was murdered, according to one of the “Final Four” Sandy Anderson, “They [the remaining occupiers] abandoned their belongings and fled for their lives. There was no damage, only minimal disarray left behind. They didn’t have much time.” She also commented that federal officials appear to have tampered with evidence by ransacking their camp site and damaging their property, “running it over with a bulldozer.”

Especially since the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the DHS have built reputations for unconstitutional searches and seizures (see photos below) labeling the victims “domestic terrorists” or “anti-government militants,” ransacking homes and causing permanent damage to private property. These unconstitutional acts terrorize citizens without arrest warrants, violating the Fourth Amendment protections, which was also the case with the citizens of Harney County. The occupiers were the peaceful protestors; it is the federal government – the FBI and its contractors – that must be held responsible.

Ample photos and videos have been assembled that show the “before-and-after” and the disarray of the refuge before the occupation began. Once again, unelected government bureaucrats have found another way to grab funding and waste our hard-earned money.

This spectacle was nothing more than a multimillion dollar Academy award winning production in the fiction category, directed by the FBI and its contractors, featuring a cast of characters from the Oregon State Police, intentionally terrorizing the people to try this case in the media. This matter will be tried constitutionally – in a Court of law.

LaVoy Finicum

It wasn’t the ranchers. It wasn’t LaVoy, Ammon, Ryan and the other leaders. That’s not who they are.

Supporters are demanding a line item accounting of this taxpayer funded grab. “We’re asking for transparency and disclosure. We want the procurement applications, the invoices and the proof that justifies the outrageous bill we are paying. The occupiers were peaceful. At no time did they brandish guns. It was the federal government that brought in the military equipment and SWAT teams that we are now told cost over $2 and a quarter million! It was the presence of military artillery and vehicles that terrified the townspeople.

They claim 17 employees and their families were in danger of their lives and that they had to be relocated to hotels. Price tag: $2 million. You will not find a single occupier that will tell you LaVoy Finicum, Ammon and Ryan Bundy were dangerous men.

The American people are outraged when they learn the facts. They are rallying in all 50 states to question the integrity of the bureaucrats that run the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The federal government needs to be accountable for the costs of the supposed “restoration” of the refuge.

The Audubon Society, an extremist environmentalist NGO that benefits from and advocates for an unconstitutional federal and international take-over of private property, recently called for volunteers to assist with the clean up. At the same time, the refuge was off-limits to the ranchers’ movement, which had hundreds of volunteers willing to donate time to clean up at no cost to taxpayers.

During the 41 days of the occupation, ranchers and patriots did not break any laws. They actually improved the condition of the refuge after the government employees let it fall into disrepair. One of the visitors to the refuge, Nevada Assemblyman John Moore commented, “The government bears the burden of proof, and taking this case to the media is not a Court of law where physical proof is actually required.”



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  1. Another great article that you will never see reported on MSM. I hope people are waking up! Meanwhile, honest and good hearted citizens are still sitting in jail and awaiting prosecution. We need to keep exposing truth in hopes that possible jurors see this stuff.

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