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Permitless Carry Bill Passes Idaho House

The bill will now be presented to Governor Butch Otter for his signature.

permitless carry

Permitless Carry Bill Passes Idaho House and Senate

After the Idaho Senate passed SB 1389 on Wednesday, the House quickly took up the bill and passed it with a resounding 54-15.

The majority of Idaho citizens have supported passage of Permitless (Constitutional) Carry within the state. The passage of this bill will reaffirm that the Legislators in Boise are listening.

The bill allows for Concealed Carry of a weapon without the requirement of a permit or license within the state of Idaho, including City Limits, for all residents over the age of 21.

Citizens of Idaho that are ages 18-20 may carry outside of the city limits without the requirement of a permit, but must obtain a license to carry concealed inside city limits. This license will transfer to an ‘enhanced’ license after they turn 21 years old.

People that are concerned about Felons being able to carry weapons can be reassured. SB 1389 will NOT allow violent criminals, and state or federally prohibited persons, to lawfully carry concealed weapons in Idaho. That part of the law has not changed.
This bill does not address non-residents.

After multiple gun rights bills were presented this session, there is finally a bill that the majority can rally behind. This bill has the support of the Idaho Sheriffs Association, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and many more.

SB 1389 also gained the support of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA). Greg Pruett, founder of ISAA, has stated that this bill does not address every issue they were hoping for, however, they believe it is a huge step forward for gun rights in Idaho.
The bill will now be presented to Governor Butch Otter for his signature.

If signed by the Governor, Idaho would join Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, and West Virginia in recognizing a citizens rights under the second amendment.

2 Comments on Permitless Carry Bill Passes Idaho House

  1. So, then:

    • in the late 80s/early 90s, the likes of Shawn P Hudgens and others starts paving the way of restoring civil rights by getting Idaho Shall Issue conceal weapons licenses;

    • in late 2012, early 2013, the likes of Tony Snesko and Bryan Carter and Truman Lackey continue paving the road to restoring the exercise of civil rights by getting the 120 year old law in §50-308 reading “Cities shall have the right to … regulate, prohibit, and punish for the carry of concealed weapons” repealed;

    • in 2013 to 2016, the likes of Greg Pruett continues paving the way to significantly reduce infringements upon civil rights by getting the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon throughout Idaho removed.

    Beautiful work, Gentlemen.

    Beautiful work, indeed.

  2. This is a great victory for those who want to defend themselves or their family! While I advocate for regular training, a domestic violence victim does not have time to sign up for a class that “allows” them to defend themselves. We all know that domestic violence offenders turn stalker, and go after the victim in many places outside of the home. Being able to lawfully carry can be a great deterrent.

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