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License Plate Change Offered By Kootenai County

Faith, Family and Freedom!

Proposed Change

License Plate Change Offered By Kootenai County

by Don Bradway

On March 22, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) passed a resolution seeking to change the motto printed on the lower portion of most Idaho vehicle license plates.  This reporter, a precinct committeeman (PC), submitted the resolution after discussions with some of his constituents.

Resolution to change the motto of the Idaho vehicle license plate:

Whereas, The state of Idaho is famous for potatoes

Whereas, Agriculture has been a mainstay of the Idaho economy.

Whereas, Idaho has matured beyond an agricultural economy and has developed an even stronger economy based on mining, technology, logging, manufacturing and additional resources

Whereas, Idaho’s vehicle license plates continue to tout the legendary potato industry

Whereas, It is time to recognize the fact that Idaho is known as a state that values religious faith, family and freedom as much, if not more, than its potatoes; therefore

Resolved, That the KCRCC requests the State of Idaho to change the motto on our vehicle license plates from “Famous Potatoes” to “Faith, Family and Freedom.”


There was a minimum of discussion prior to the vote.  Gary Ingrahm, a former legislator and currently a PC, related how he had attempted to change the motto a number of years ago.  Seeking to include the timber industry with the potato farmers, he suggested the motto be changed to “Spuds and Studs”.  He had some difficulty getting his comments made due to his tongue being firmly planted in his cheek.  Another PC commented that it would be difficult to vote against the resolution as that would be akin to voting against “Mom and apple pie.”


This will now be sent to all nine of the county’s legislative members with the request that it be forwarded to the appropriate agency, with the recommendation for the motto change.




2 Comments on License Plate Change Offered By Kootenai County

  1. I like it. But based on what I’ve seen of Idaho’s legislative leadership, I have little hope that it will happen. Two reasons: (1) The agriculture industry has held tremendous sway on this issue. (2) Our Legislature is not conservative enough to where they’d like to advertise that Idaho actually cares about those principles on license plates.

    I look forward to be proven wrong.

  2. Hey, look, there’s the double helix hologram! Can’t see the circles with the letters and numbers though. Cool getting that saying photoshopped on there.

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