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Legislative Update – Rep. Sage G. Dixon

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Idaho State Seal

Legislative Update

Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1

Sage Dixon

Floor Session:

Pictured above is the first page of the original Idaho State Constitution.  I was privileged to view it, along with other historical documents, last Friday at the Idaho State Archives.  It was a special experience to be able to see the ink on the paper of the document that provides the foundation for government in our State.

The Committee meetings are slowing down a little as we near the end of the Session, but the number of Bills on the floor is accumulating rapidly.  We have started holding floor session in the afternoon as well, to catch up, and are looking at March 24th to adjourn.

Last week’s Bills are as follows: All passed unless noted, A vote of “NAY” is indicated by N

H481-(Right to try Act) allows terminal patients to try experimental medicines

H519-(Massage Therapy) defines compensation for students regarding tuition credit

H494-(Alcohol) reclassifies certain offenses as infractions, provides penalties

H503-(Trust Deeds) revise definition of a “trustee”

HCR39-(rule rejection) regarding Commission on Pardons and Parole

HCR40-(rule rejection) ISP rules governing Alcohol Beverage Control

HCR44-(rule rejection) Board of Education Rules Governing Thoroughness

HCR45-(rule rejection) Board of Education Opportunity Scholarship Program

H532-(Appropriation) additional funds for fire suppression

H496-(Cemeteries) provides a way for cemeteries to recover and resell unused plots

H524-(Animal Cruelty) adds to law for crime of torturing a companion animal                    N

H498-(Electronic Cigarettes) require permit and sign to sell or distribute e-cigarette          N

H500-(Medicare Provider Payment) amends law to reimburse at 91% of current rate

H515-(School Districts) changes date of teacher evaluations

H527-(Community Colleges)  amends law regarding out-of-district tuition

S1208-(Education) armed forces and public safety scholarship in opportunity scholarship

S1202-(State Personnel System) makes certain employees nonclassified

H503-(Trust Deeds) revises definition of “trustee”

H480-(Licensure Boards) certain board directors do not need to be licensees

H482-(Boards) amends law so that various boards serve at Governor’s pleasure

H483-(Pharmacy) adds to law to communicate information to prescriber for biologicals     N

HCR47-Social Worker Recognition Month

H516-(Abortion) requires free ultrasound information be available and distributed

H504-(Public Defense) amends and adds to rules for indigent defense

H508-(Bail Enforcement Agents)requirements for bail enforcement agents, credentials     N

H528-(Sexual Assault Evidence Kits)  rules and duties regarding kits

H485-(Employment Security Act) amends law of base tax rate and revises formula

H501-(Worker’s Compensation Insurance) revises security instruments for insurers

H509-(Oil and Gas) regarding the Geological survey and information sharing

H514-(Education) creates office of school safety and security                                          N    H534-(Energy Tax) exempts solar energy property from property tax, taxes product

H525aa-(Dogs) regulates dangerous and at-risk dogs

HCR46-U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

H535-(Income Taxation) capital gains deductions for cattle, horses, and breeding stock

H546-(Appropriation) Endowment Fund Investment Board

H547-(Appropriation) Lava Hot Springs

H548-(Appropriation) Public Utilities Commission

H549-(Appropriation) Public Health Districts

H550-(Appropriation) Office of Drug Policy

H551-(Appropriation) Energy Resources

H552-(Appropriation) Division of Veterans Services

H523-(Juvenile Proceedings) reporting requirements for Dept. of Health and Welfare

S1229-(Motor Vehicles) Allows heavier trucks on non-interstate highways

S1259-(Idaho Dairy Products Commission)regarding membership and nominations

S1279-(Appropriation) Benefit Hearings/ Healthcare Policy Initiatives                                N

S1271-(Appropriation) Dept. of Health and Welfare, Medicaid                                            N

S1219-(Public Works Contracts) Construction contracts and bidding process

S1249-(STEM Action Center) board member travel compensation


Committee Reports:


There was a presentation on Idaho’s SAT Scores, a number of RSs, and (5) Bills that we heard.

The RSs concerned inserting Idaho history and government into our newly required civics test (this was sent straight to the second reading calendar), an innovation school act, student mobility funding structure, pupil service employees on the career ladder, and continuous improvement plans.

The Bills were:

H529-continuous improvement plans (sent to be amended)

S1232- vocational rehabilitation

S1267-Mastery-based education

S1290-College and Career advisors

H537-Supplemental contracts

Transportation & Defense:

We heard (3) Senate Bills on Wednesday:

S1246-provides the means for the Board of Transportation to remove the Director

S1262-amends vehicle service contract regulations

S1261-extends the allowable length of automobile transport trailers and overhang requirements.


Only one meeting this week in which we heard (3) Senate Bills:

S1221-regarding insurance producer licensing

S1286-regarding surveyors, defining terms

S1287-regarding surveyors, civil penalties

I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.

Lord Bless,

Sage G. Dixon