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Legislative Update – Rep. Sage G. Dixon

As the close of the 2016 Session draws near, our floor sessions are growing longer and the list of Bills continues to grow

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Idaho State Seal

Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1


Floor Session:

As the close of the 2016 Session draws near, our floor sessions are growing longer and longer, and the list of Bills continues to grow as well.  There was an interesting turn of events regarding H413aa, which proposed a new license plate to benefit Orofino High School.  The vote on this Bill was 35-35-0, which meant the Bill did not pass due to lack of a majority in favor.  Shortly after the vote was locked, another member of the House asked for reconsideration of his vote.  This required the approval of 2/3 of the body, which was achieved.  The re-vote was 34-32-4 and the Bill passed on to the Senate. I voted Nay each time. Another curious vote was an appropriation Bill for the Commission on the Arts.  The Democrats joined a minority of Republicans in voting against this appropriation and the Bill failed.  Immediately the Minority Leader asked for reconsideration and the House was put at rest as both caucuses held meetings to discuss how to move forward.  Upon returning to the floor, a vote for reconsideration was held and it failed.  During the voting, one member was walking to their seat, which is a violation of protocol, and the vote had to be held again.  The motion failed and the original vote remained.

Last week’s Bills were the following, as usual all passed unless otherwise noted.  My NAY votes are indicated with N:

HCR50-Civics Test

H556-(Juvenile Proceedings) foster home placement and requirements

H533-(Hospital Districts) elected board can appoint board members                                 N

H251-(Alcoholic Beverages) immunity for underage drinking is certain situations              N

H538-(State Procurement) recodifies State purchasing laws

HCR48-Public Procurement

H477aa-(Education) post-secondary scholarship

H433aa-(Municipal Records) amends laws regarding retention and storage

H406aa-(Water and/or Sewer Districts) regarding annexation and status

H513aa-(Real ID Act) implement Real ID Act of 2005

H558-(Uniform Probate Code) regarding minor claims and filing fees

H542-(Elections) requirements for candidate expenditures

H540-(Sales and Use Tax) fixed-wing aircraft and wildfire activity

H541-(Purchasing) amends local government purchasing laws

H531-(Agricultural Facilities and Operations) civil actions regarding agricultural facilities

HCR49-Wheat Commission

S1218-(Codifier’s Corrections) codifier’s corrections and provide correct terminology

S1314-(Trust Institutions) persons acting as a trustee don’t need a charter

S1268-(Developmental Disabilities Council) provisions regarding council members

S1232-(Vocational Rehabilitation) revises a reference to a federal act

S1267-(Education) clarify number of local education agencies

S1290-(Education) amends existing law regarding college and career advisors

S1339-(Oil and Gas) well permits and integration processes

HCR51-Rule Rejection, Public Utilities Commission

H560-(Education) clarify statewide readiness and improvement metrics

H561-(Appropriations) Commission on Aging

H562-(Appropriations) Juvenile Corrections

H563-(Appropriations) Secretary of State

H564-(Appropriations) Office of Species Conservation

H567-(Appropriations) Hispanic Affairs

H537-(Education) supplemental contracts

H555-(Sexual Exploitation of a Child) rules and punishments regarding “sexting”

S1248-(Public Charter Schools) revises certain written contracts

S1294-(Practice of Pharmacy) pharmacists immunizing children 6yrs or older                   N

S1246-(Transportation) allows board to dismiss the director

S1261-(Vehicles) allows longer vehicle transportation loads

S1262-(Motor Vehicle Service Contracts) amends law regarding contracts

S1258-(Fish and Game) removes a reference and transfers moneys

S1353-(Appropriations) Correction Department

S1298-(Racing Commission) payment of unused funds under certain conditions

S1214-(Livestock) provide for livestock removal requirements

S1250-(Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact) National Compact

S1251-(Nurse Licensure Compact)  National Compact

S1281-(Emergency Medical Services) Licensure Compact

S1221-(Insurance Producer Licensing) regarding suspension, revocation or denial

S1286-(Engineers and Surveyors) definitions of “retired”

S1287-(Engineers and Surveyors) certain actions are violations and civil penalty  FAIL    N

S1235-(Juvenile Corrections)  remove references regarding juvenile offenders

S1244-(Underground Storage Tanks) Federal compliance and more fees                          N

S1363-(Appropriations) PERSI

S1364-(Appropriations) State Independent Living Council

S1365-(Appropriations) Idaho State Lottery

S1366-(Appropriations) State Liquor Division                                                                      N

S1367-(Appropriations) Division of Human Resources                                                        N

S1369-(Appropriations) Military Division

S1280aa-(Education) residency requirements for higher education

S1320-(Education) powers of trustees for community colleges

S1336-(Education) exception for certain testing requirements

H577-(Appropriations) Attorney General                                                                              N

H578-(Appropriations) Public Defense Commission

H579-(Appropriations) Health and Welfare                                                                          N

H544-(Alcohol) amends law regarding films, alcohol, and pornography

H536-(Highways) regarding judges in highway disputes

H553-(Motor Vehicles and Motor Bikes) allows ATV/UTV on State Highway

H574-(Appropriations) Health and Welfare, Welfare Division                                               N

S1288-(Workforce Development) unemployment training funding, extend sunset               N

S1222-(Ground Water Districts) revise provision for annexation into a district

S1223-(Ground Water Districts) revises provisions for participation

S1224-(Ground Water Districts) amends means of determining shares

S1225-(Ground Water Districts) assessments to repay debt

S1237-(Environmental Quality) classifications of bodies of water

S1340-(Fish and Game) claims for bear damage to beehives

S1344-(Fish and Game) moves selection of controlled hunts to third party

S1370-(Appropriations) Public Television                                                                             N

S1371-(Appropriations) Department of Finance

S1372-(Appropriations) Regulatory Boards

S1295-(Public Assistance) amends civil monetary penalties

S1296-(Background Checks) removes obsolete language

S1326-(Suicide Prevention) gives authority to director of Health and Welfare

H566-(Appropriations) Public Health Services                                                                     N

H554-(Appropriations) Worker’s Compensation

Committee Reports:


We heard two presentations this week.  One was a report on Leadership Premiums for teachers, and the other wasDixon pertaining to graduation rates in virtual and alternative schools.  We heard two different permutations of the same RS regarding student mobility funding and each was pulled back for more work. We heard another RS regarding Support Program Calculations.  This weeks Bills were:

S1257-School District Trustee Election (sent to the amending order)

S1336-Civics test

S1320-Comminitu College Districts, trustees

S1280-Residency requirements

S1279-STEM Education Fund

H571- Careel Ladder, Pupil Services Staff

H570-Lcoal Innovation School Act

S1293-Parental Rights in Education

H379aaS-Computer Science Initiative (concur with Senate amendments)

H458aaS-Advanced Opportunities (concur with Senate amendments)

S1272- School District bonds

S1333-Broadband Infrastructure Improvement

S1334- Education Opportunity Resource Act

Transportation & Defense:

We had two meetings this week to consider (5) Bills:Dixon

S1212- Emergency Communications Act

H553-OHV travel on State Highways

H536-Highways, out-of-County judges

H559-Commercial Driver’s License/skill test fee.  This Bill was held (killed) in Committee mainly because it appeared to be a burden for rural drivers and potentially increased licensing costs.

S1283-Motor Vehicle insurance verification

We also heard a presentation from The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC)


There was only one Business Committee meeting again this week, in which we heard (3) Bills:Dixon

H487-Agreements/covenants, employee breach

S1345-this Bill was held (killed) in Committee on a 9-8 vote.  It would have forbid Bail Bondsmen from employing inmates to promote their products.  The nay votes found it too restrictive and unnecessary.

S1285-Engineers/Surveyors, exams

I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.

Lord Bless,

Sage G. Dixon


Rep Sage G. Dixon

District 1

Bonner and Boundary Counties


  • Education
  • Business
  • Transportation & Defense

P.O. Box 208 Ponderay, Idaho 83864 208.610.4800

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