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Legislative Update – Rep. Sage G. Dixon

Sage Dixon

Legislative Update – Rep. Sage G. Dixon – District 1

Floor Session:

As this was our final week in Session, all of the Committee meetings were at the “call of the chair”, which means only as necessary.  In order to finish by our target date of March 25th, we began having floor Sessions twice a day, with only a break for lunch.

From my perspective, this was a productive Session.  While there were some obvious disappointments, I feel progress is being made.  Smaller government, less spending, upholding our State and National Constitutions, and Federalism all were discussed openly in Committees and on the Floor.  As your Representative, I chaired three sub-Committees, successfully carried four Bills on the House floor, promoted our local economy, educational opportunity, and the strengthening of our State.  I also helped author amendments to the REAL ID Act with the hope of protecting our privacy and security, although the Senate unfortunately removed the strongest language.

Idaho is moving in the right direction and I am thankful to have been a part of the process these past two years.


aa=as amended, aaS=as amended in Senate, aaH=as amended in House

All “NAY” votes are indicated by a “N”

H617-(Appropriations) Public Schools Administrators Division

H618-(Appropriations) Public Schools Teachers Division

H619-(Appropriations) Public Schools Operations Division                                                  N

H620-(Appropriations) Public Schools Children’s Division                                                   N

H621-(Appropriations) Public Schools Facilities Division                                                     N

H622-(Appropriations) Public Schools Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind           N

H623-(Appropriations) Public Schools Central Services Division

H603-(Education) new staff allowance calculator

S1332a-(Education) establish Industry Partner Fund

S1376-(Education) amends existing law regarding establishment of Charter Schools

S1382-(Nurses) redefines definition of practice of nursing

S1342aa-(Public School Instruction) use of religious texts as reference material

I carried the above Bill on the floor

HCR58-(Broadband Service) states findings of Interim Broadband Committee                   N

S1377-(Elections) removes requirement of posting a copy of results at polling place

S1302-(Estates) remove reference to a family allowance

S1303aa-(Estates) creates Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act

S1328aa-(Child Protective Act) revise various plans by Child Protective Act

S1343-(Parole) revise a provision of allegations of parole violation conditions

S1362-(Judgments) increase time of renewed judgment on a certain liens

S1373-(Protection Orders) provide protections against harassment and stalking

SCR141-(Education) rule rejection

SCR140-(Education) rule rejection

SCR139-(Education) rule rejection

SCR146-(Purple Heart Day) designate August 7 as such.

SCR147-(Women’s History Month)

SCR149-(Veterans Cemetery)

SCR143-(Joint Rule 20) revise language regarding transmittal date of a joint resolution

SCR144-(Joint Rule 21) provisions related to recorded proceedings

SCR150-(Joint Rule 18) revise provisions of statements of purpose and fiscal notes

HJM14-(Community Lands)

H625-(Appropriations) Career Technical Education Division

H626-(Appropriations) Special Fuels

H604-(Elections) allows additional forms of identification at the polls

S1388aa-(Tax Deeds) define “party of interest” and revise tax deed conveys

S1257aaH-(Education) School District Board of Trustees elections

S1322aaH-(Epinephrine auto-injectors) allows certain dispersal and proscription

S1265aaH-(Insurance Premium Tax) revise appropriation of excess premium tax

S1354aaH-(Alcohol Beverage Catering Permits) revise provisions of permits

H606aa-(Urban Renewal) revisions to Urban Renewal Boards and plans

HCR59-(Foster Care System-Study Committee) stating findings

H628-(Education) Rural Education Support Center

H629-(Education) revise provisions for calculating the Educational Support Program

H634-(Taxation) provide an effective date for HB431

HCR60-(Waiver-Spent Fuels) urge Attorney General to issue waiver for INL

HCR63-(Health Care) authorize legislative council and prepare Medicaid waiver               N

H644-(Health Care) create health grant program for medically underserved                       N

HR2-(House Rule 64) revise rules regarding public records request

H630-(Education) additional allocation for Career Technical Education staff

H627-(Education) regard provisions regarding leadership premiums

S1405-(Appropriations) Pardons and Parole Commissions

S1406-(Appropriations) Idaho State Capitol Commission

S1407-(Appropriations) Idaho State Historical Society

S1408-(Appropriations) Dept.of Administration for the Bond Payment Program

S1409-(Appropriations) Correction Department

S1410-(Appropriations) Millennium Fund

S1411-(Appropriations) Legislative Branch

S1412-(Appropriations) Office Of The State Board Of Education                                        N

S1413-(Appropriations) Health and Welfare various programs                                            N

H513aa,aaS-(Real ID Act) concur with Senate amendments

HCR61-(Group Insurance and Total Compensation Study) stating findings

H625-(Appropriations) Building Safety                                                                                 N

H636-(Appropriations) Fire Suppression

H637-(Appropriations) College and Universities

H638-(Appropriations) Community Colleges

S1414-(Appropriations) Wolf Control Board

S1415-(Appropriations) Environmental Quality Dept.

S1416-(Appropriations) Soil and Water Conservation Districts

S1417-(Appropriations) Dept. of Agriculture

S1418-(Appropriations) Secretary of State

S1419=(Appropriations) Dept. Of Administration

S1421-(Appropriations) General Fund Transfer                                                                   N

S1425-(Appropriations) STEM Action Center

S1424-(Appropriations) Superintendent of Public Instruction

S1422-(Appropriations) Permanent Building Fund

H382aaS-(Veterinarians) regarding formal discipline

H521aaS-(Alcohol) limited immunity for minors

H477aa,aaS-(Education) Postsecondary Credit Scholarship

H555aaS-(Sexual Exploitation of a Child) regarding sexting

H371aaS-(Factory Built Structures) re-designate board and duties

HCR63-(Prayer For America)

H639-(Administrative Rules) extend approved rules into 2017, rejected rules are void

H640-(Appropriations) Dept. of Lands

H641-(Appropriations) Dept. of Fish and Game                                                                   N

H642-(Appropriations) Commission on the Arts                                                                   N

H643-(Submersible Well Pumps) allows pumps in lakes, rivers and streams

S1423-(Appropriations) Transportation Dept.

H494aaS-(Alcohol) reclassify age infractions

H497aaS-(Lobbyists) requires reports of entities under the sunshine law

H596aaS-(Juvenile Proceedings) regarding adoption law

H645-(Appropriations) Scholarships and Grant programs

H646-(Appropriations) Conservation Easement                                                                   N

H647-(Appropriations) Public Schools

HS1297aa,aa,aa-(Elections) electronic voter registration

S1315aa,aa-(Foreclosures) disposal of property

S1300aa-(Estates) certain transfers revoked upon divorce

S1301-(Property) clarify community or joint property

S1360-(Administrative Procedure Act) regarding amendment to rules

S1409-(Appropriations) Correction Dept.

SCR151-(Administrative Hearing Officer Interim Committee) stating findings

SJM104-(Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention) request Congress to help funding

SJM105-(Mail Processing Plants) request Congress to reopen closed plants

S1201-(Appropriations) Catastrophic Health Care Program

S1317-(Homeowner’s Associations) attorney’s fees accrued of assessed

S1253-(Child Protection) caregivers standard of care

S1420-(District Judges) regarding salaries of District Judges

H624-(Highway Funding) remove hybrid vehicle tax and alter funding distribution

S1426-(Appropriations) Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension Service

S1427-(Appropriations) Supreme Court

SCR153-(Administrative Fee Rules) stating findings

SCR154-(Administrative Temporary Rules) stating findings

S1404aa-(Unborn Infants Dignity Act) protects bodies of unborn infants

S1429-(Appropriations) Educational effort of various entities

S1430-(Appropriations) Public Schools

H649-(Breweries) defines “brewery” and “winery” and allows minors in breweries

H650-(Appropriations) Healthcare Policy Initiatives                                                             N

S1428-(Appropriations) Transfer to Legislative Legal Defense Fund

Committee Reports:



We held two meetings this week to hear two Bills:

H627-Leadership premiums

H630- Career  Ladder Allocation (this was heard as an RS on Monday, then

received a Bill number for a Tuesday hearing.)

Transportation & Defense:



No meetings this week….



We heard two Senate Bills this week;

S1315aa-Trustee’s sale. property disposal

S1317aa-Homeowner’s Association, attorney’s fees

I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent District 1 in The Idaho House of Representatives.

Lord Bless,

Sage G. Dixon

Rep Sage G. Dixon

District 1

Bonner and Boundary Counties


  • Education
  • Business
  • Transportation & Defense

P.O. Box 208 Ponderay, Idaho 83864 208.610.4800

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