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Idaho: Why We Should Get Out and Vote!

It's no longer about serving for the betterment of a community but the betterment of the Corporation which employs them.

idaho vote

Idaho: Why We Should Get Out and Vote!

by Christian Schwab

I know most of us feel the more we do the more things stay the same 
in Boise, but 2 years ago we did an amazing job at electing new 
candidates who believe in Individual's Rights over the States and the 
States Rights over the Fed. Yes, a lot of the establishment candidates 
(aka RINO's) barely made it with Democrat support. 

We see, so far, the majority of States looking for change through 
Donald Trump. Ask yourself whether he is change, or just rhetoric? 
Has anyone heard him ask his followers to keep the Senate? Are 
we hearing how his followers should vote to keep the House? 

It's shear madness! Literally, people are so angry with the Status Quo.

They are angry from the 1st week they get a job. A younger person will 
show up, work their butts off for that 1st paycheck, only to be disappointed 
to see the amount of taxes which have been taken and seeing the 
money wasted both on a Fed level and also on a State level.

Idaho is one of the worst for corporatism from our Sheriff's offices. They 
get perks to comply to Big Businesses, which receive subsidies to hire 
out jobs to immigrants at 1/2 the cost, and then we have the ever low 
wage service jobs. Our State Employees see a major benefit as their 
payroll is based of the private sector from places outside our reality 
like CA and WA. 

It's no longer about serving for the betterment of a community but the 
betterment of the Corporation which employs them.

Most of the  younger generation demand change but only if they do not
have to work for it. They demand liberty as long as the Fed or State
says it is okay. We wonder how it has digressed so far that most children
don't have a chance to have it as good as this generation. 

People have got in the habit of thinking it can not happen here. Meanwhile,
the long time politicians within our State Government have come to 
underestimate us and the effect social justice makes on our families, 
wages, and our Faith. The faith to believe "something" is greater than I, 
the belief I should help my neighbor which helps myself, and the belief 
our votes don't count.

Our only chance to restore the Idaho Constitution, and demand Otter
(with the Governors Association from Hell) and the Crony Capitalists
follow 'every' Article which is in there, is to send a crystal clear
message this Primary season and vote OUT everyone who has forgotten
the Oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution of the
United States.

idaho vote