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It is the establishment officials that are stalling the citizen's rights to permit-less carry.

gun bill


Constitutional Carry in the state of Idaho is a hot topic. It seems to be getting hotter by the day. However, it is the establishment officials that are stalling the citizen’s rights to permit-less carry.

Representatives Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) and Ron Nate (R-Rexburg) submitted two gun bills early in the session. HB422 and HB423 were sent to the House Ways and Means committee, notorious for being the graveyard for bills to die a slow death.

gun committee
Speaker of the House Scott Bedke

House Speaker Scott Bedke and Ways & Means Chairman Christy Perry have seem to decide that if these two freshmen Representatives submit a bill, they are not going to allow it to pass, or even get out of committee.

Scott and Nate worked on these bills with the Idaho Sheriff‘s Association to determine the proper wording that would be the most beneficial to the Gem State.

Chairman Perry is said to have received them no later than February 1st, and has been sitting on them ever since.

Yesterday, Bedke along with Senator Curt McKenzie, released another version of a gun bill. Hijacking some of Nate and Scott’s language, this new bill is something they can attached their own names to, as well as the name of the NRA. (Can anyone tell that it is an election year?)

It is well known that the NRA is no friend to Idaho. They will not endorse a gun bill that does not benefit them greatly, regardless of what it does for Idaho citizens.

gun billBut the NRA had to have their name in the bill, to prove their relevancy: On page 3 of this bill, it mentions requiring citizens to complete any National Rifle Association approved firearms safety or training course, or any NRA hunter safety course, or equivalent, to receive licensing.

The bill does not even seem to be anything near what the citizens have been asking for. But, with the NRA’s stamp of approval, this bill is just what the Czars in the Legislature are looking for in an election year.

It does mention permit-less carry, but basically it says that if the state would issue you a license, and you are over 21, and an Idaho resident, then you can carry concealed without a permit.

This just shows the people that politics are more important to the good old boys than the wishes of the citizens of this state.

Bedke and Rep Judy Boyle (R-Midvale) are two of the members of the “Secret Gun Committee” that had to approve of this bill prior to it’s being made public. It is also said that Rep. Boyle took it to Governor Otter for his stamp of approval last week.

So, these are just 3 of the gun bills that are floating around. There are more we have been told about, including at least two Senate bills, with one lowering fines to $1.00 to make it undesirable to enforce gun laws.

Yet, nothing has made it to a hearing.

Maybe tomorrow.

So long as it has the right names on the bill, such as the NRA and the establishment big shots, then it should at least make it to a hearing. After all, rumor has it that Speaker Bedke wants to go to Washington DC, and he would rather that was sooner than later.

gun bill
Read the Draft here.

But the citizens of the Gem State are feeling rather frustrated in the political games from their elected officials.

Idaho is still falling behind on our Constitutional rights. When will we get Real Permit-less Carry?

**Update** This bill has been assigned Senate BIll 1378.

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