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FBI Say Shooting LaVoy in the Back is Justified

Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris said the shooting was "Justified."


FBI Say Shooting LaVoy in the Back is Justified

Jeanette Finicum announced this week that she intends to file a wrongful death lawsuit against officials in Oregon.

And she should.

Jeanette Finicum
Jeanette Finicum

Select evidence has been made public and it becomes even clearer that the agencies involved are placing themselves above the law. Make no mistake, there is more evidence that has not been released.

The autopsy report of LaVoy Finicum showed that he was shot in the back three times. Yet, Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris told reporters, “I have concluded that all six shots fired by Oregon State Police… the three into the truck and the three that struck Mr. Finicum are justified.”

But, at least eight shots were fired. Still, they say it was all ‘justified.’

They are, admittedly, investigating multiple members of their ‘elite’ Hostage Rescue Team for lying about the shots they fired. But, they are ‘justified.’

They released a video that shows LaVoy as he is exiting the truck with his hands raised, and the window being shot out at that point. Yet, they are still ‘justified.’

Let’s stop for a minute here. Let’s look at this situation in a different perspective:

Two groups of people are in an altercation. It is proven that Group “A” are the only ones to fire weapons. No one in Group “B” even has an unholstered weapon.

One person from Group “B” ends up dead with three shots in his back.

What do you think the police would say to this? What would the District Attorney say? Can anyone hear the word “Murder” being screamed about this point?

It is pretty clear that if you keep the FBI and Police Departments out of the mix, we would get one response, yet when you throw them back into the situation, then they become “justified” in their actions.

This is a Rogue Government. This is a regime that has given themselves a new set of rules. And the rules say that you cannot disagree with Big Brother. Do not hold differing political beliefs, or you will be subjected to the whims of this Unconstitutional administration.

And that is why they have so many political prisoners in jail right now: Dwight Hammond; Cliven Bundy; Ammon Bundy; Ryan Bundy; Pete Santilli; Todd Engel; Ryan Payne; Melvin Bundy; David Bundy; Brian Cavalier; Jerry Delemus; Joseph O’Shaughnessy; and many more.

They are behind bars because of their politics. They have been locked up because they spoke out against the government overreach. Their first amendment rights have been silenced. Their second amendment rights are also being used against them.

It makes one wonder what the end goal is for the powers-that-be?


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