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Constitutional Carry Passes First Hurdle in Idaho

With the support of several groups, SB1389 looks good to pass this session.

constitutional carry

Constitutional Carry Passes the First Hurdle in Idaho

Idaho has a Constitutional Carry bill working it’s way through the Senate. Does it look good to pass? Yes, it does.

With a voice vote of 6-3 in favor, the Senate State Affairs Committee sent Senate Bill 1389 to the Senate floor with a “do pass” recommendation.

This is not the bill that we were hoping for, as it does not address every issue, such as non-residents rights to carry without a permit, but, it is better than the train wreck that we almost got with SB1378.

However, for the people that are worried about felons carrying firearms, SB1389 will NOT allow violent criminals, and state or federally prohibited persons, to lawfully carry concealed weapons in Idaho.

This bill has gained the support of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA). Though they also feel that this bill does not address every issue, they do believe it is a step forward for gun rights in Idaho.

SB1389 allows 18-20 year-olds to retain the right to permit-less carry outside of city limits. They also have the ability to obtain a permit to carry concealed within the city limits. This permit would then transfer to an ‘enhanced’ permit upon their 21st birthday.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) recently spoke with us, here at Redoubt News. Michael Hammond, Legislative Counsel for GOA, stated that SB1389 seemed to “look pretty good in giving gun rights to people in urban areas that are over 21 years of age, without taking away rights from 18-20 year olds, who can currently carry in rural areas.”

Hammond did wonder with us why Idaho should have had to compromise on these issues. “It just seemed to be unnecessary in Idaho,” he said. But he applauded the grassroots efforts of the citizens of the Gem State to accomplish these goals.

A full Constitutional Carry bill would not have these restrictions. It would also not have a lobbyist group named in our legislation.

However, it is a major step forward for Idaho. It does look like it is on track to be passed before the session ends in Boise.

What Governor Otter does with it is anyone’s guess. I would hope that he has listened to the citizens of the Gem State and signs it without delay. We will see.