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Bonner County To Issue 300 Warrants for Property Taxes

If anyone has questions or needs assistance please call 208-265-1433.

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Bonner County To Issue 300 Warrants for Property Taxes

By Christian Schwab


63-1013 allows Idaho the right to issue a Warrant of Distraint, also know as Warrant of Distress, to collect taxes owed and seize property of equal value.

For Bonner County residents that own, and reside in, mobile homes, this can present a problem. The County Treasurer’s Office expects to issue about 300 warrants for delinquent personal property taxes related to mobile homes, possibly as soon as this week.

These warrants will generate additional fees to the property owners for requiring the Sheriff’s Department to serve the warrants.

These fees can be assessed at 2% flat rate plus 1% per day, according to Idaho Statute.

Most residents with Mobile homes find it unfair and intrusive as owners are only allowed to be 90 days behind, unlike real property owners who have up to 3 yrs before a warrant is issued.

The law does allow for an extended deadline but the process does not seem to be clear. To get an extension, the owner must file for a waiver before Dec. 20th of that year.

Bonner County has seen the amount of warrants reach as high as 500 in previous years, but as the economy recovered fewer property owners had to have property levied.

As one resident put it, “They don’t even give you a break.” The treasurer’s office has looked for options to lower the number of warrants issued by finding new ways to help residents understand the law.

In this Conservative area, residents are still concerned that this law continues to treat our Deputies as ‘glorified tax collectors’ instead of leaving them to deal with crime.

The County does not like having to issue warrants on property and have asked if anyone has questions or needs assistance to please call 208-265-1433.