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Meet Dave Schuman – Candidate for Boundary County Sheriff

Being a Constitutionally based Sheriff I will ensure that nobody’s rights are ever infringed upon by any enemy foreign or domestic.

Dave Schuman
Dave Schuman

My name is Dave Schuman.

I am a candidate for the office of Boundary County Sheriff.

My resume for this position is filled with qualifications and certifications and a vast working experience of positions earned, never appointed to.

Be it during my 20 year career in the U.S Army Military Police or with over 16 years of working within our Sheriff’s Office and I believe you would agree that I am the best qualified candidate for this position.

I have over 36 years of consecutive, full time Peace Officer experience. I will bring a higher standard through better training which will incorporate a Community Partnership program.

Since 1978, when I first vowed to support and defend the Constitutional rights of all, I have done so in a fair and equal manner as the Cop on the beat or as a decorated combat veteran.

In my leisure time I enjoy life with my beautiful wife of 22 plus years. Even though our two girls have moved out, the baby being 20 years old, we enjoy life in Boundary County as a family. A pleasure we have enjoyed since moving here immediately after retiring from the U.S Army. I got to enjoy 5 days of retirement.

As a Military Police Soldier, I served as a protector for this great Country. I accomplished this in a fair and equal manner.

As a Deputy Sheriff in Boundary County I have been able to serve in the same manner at a County level. As the 24th Sheriff of Boundary County I will operate under a complete clarity thru actions philosophy. Not just by saying it; but by proving it. This will be accomplished by having a Citizens Advisory Board / Ombudsman program. This board / program will not be ran by the Sheriff, but rather supported by the Sheriff. Membership to this board / program will be open to all. Any and all information that we can legally share to the public will be made available to this board / program. This is just one way we will show that that our Sheriff’s Office will operate in a professional manner, not on the backs of the community we serve or just give lip service. This is also one of the ways we will show that we will operate truly under the fair and equal philosophy.

Being a Constitutionally based Sheriff I will ensure that nobody’s rights are ever infringed upon by any enemy foreign or domestic. I have no problem standing up for anybody’s rights. Not just because it is my job; but because it is an obligatory requirement and it is the right thing to do.

As a Peace Officer I know the importance of trained observers. With our Community based training, open to the public, we will have functional Neighborhood Watch Programs throughout the entire county. Observers, not armed vigilantes.

As a K-9 Officer, I know the importance of using trained and certified canine teams. My goal as Sheriff will be to have at least 3 active K-9 teams. One being a bomb / munition team. Being a full time employee will not be a requirement to be on one of these teams.

As a father, a large amount of my motivation is based on good nature family values.

As a proven leader I know the importance of, and will have:

The Citizens Academy. This will give an overview of our Sheriff’s Office. The mission and how we will get that mission completed.

An improved Reserve Component. I.E. Volunteer force, Posse, Junior Deputy, Reserves and advisors. Enlisting ideas, support and sharing a common bond.

We all want a place that we can continue to enjoy the quality of life Boundary County affords us to have. Through our Community Partnership we will maintain, sustain and preserve the standards we have for Boundary County as our home.

We will run our County. Not misguided politicians, not drug dealers, not any criminal element.

We will accomplish this by working harder and smarter.

We will accomplish this through our Community Partnership.

We will answer to our community in a truthful manner always.

We will make this happen, not thru politics; but rather thru being a neighbor, a parent, a leader, but ultimately a Statesman.

Thank you and God Bless America.


Sheriff Forum
Sheriff Forum

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Meet Dave in person at the Boundary County Sheriff Candidate Forum