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Iowa Caucus Dwindles Candidates

Candidates are continuing to get ugly with each other, as we always expect in politics.

iowa caucus

Iowa Caucus Dwindles Candidates


The Iowa Caucuses this week have made their impact.


iowa caucus
Sanders and Clinton

The Democrats showed a nearly dead heat between Progressive Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders. Clinton won the overall with final vote of 49.86%. Sanders came a close second at 49.57%.

Republicans had an upset as Ted Cruz won the state with 27.65%. Trump came in second with 24.31%. Rubio is still hanging in there at third with 23.1% of the total vote.

No other Republican candidates scored out of single digit results, however, Ben Carson did receive 9.3% of the vote, putting him in 4th place.

The Republican party, with it’s way too numerous candidates, will now dwindle to a more reasonable size for citizens to consider.

It began before the Iowa caucuses this week with the ending of the Rick Perry and Scott Walker campaigns.

iowa caucus
Republican Candidates

We have seen a few more candidates suspend their campaigns with their poor showing in Iowa. These include Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum.

And on the Democrat side, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley ended his Democratic presidential campaign midway through vote-counting in the Iowa caucuses.

Candidates are continuing to get ugly with each other, as we always expect in politics.

Bernie Sanders is not happy that there will not be a recount in the Caucus, given the close vote count. It was not until Wednesday morning that Clinton was announced the winner.

Trump has chastised Ted Cruz for an email that Cruz’s campaign sent on Monday. It implied another Republican candidate (Ben Carson) was about to drop out of the race and that his Iowa backers should be urged to vote for the Texan instead. Cruz later apologized for the email.

Carly Fiorina has sent a letter demanding to be included on the main stage in the next debate. She does have a habit of whining that no one is being fair to her.

In summary, the 2016 Presidential bid is shaping up about as expected.

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