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Indictments Finally Unsealed Against Bundy Group

The unsealed document shows 16 defendants in the case.

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Indictments Finally Unsealed Against Bundy Group

We have all heard that just about any prosecutor could get an indictment on a ham sandwich. This seems to be the case here.

The (finally) unsealed document shows 16 defendants in the case 3:16-CR-0 0051-AA, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, DISTRICT OF OREGON, PORTLAND DIVISION.

Occupiers Indicted
Occupiers Indicted


This list includes the remaining holdouts currently occupying the Harney County Resource Center (formerly known as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.)

The charges are basically saying that the occupiers did not allow the Refuge workers to do their jobs at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge through force and intimidation.

They include incidents that date back to October 5, 2015, three months prior to the occupation of the refuge.

The defendants were not allowed to be in the courtroom, or allowed to testify to the grand jury, during these proceedings.

According to statements from the attorneys for the defendants, this was blatant disregard of the Constitutional rights of these defendants.

Oregon federal public defender Lisa Hay, who represents Ryan Payne, said she believes the federal government told the U.S. Marshals Service a day earlier not to transport the defendants from jail to court before prosecutors had an indictment in hand.

“It makes a mockery of the grand jury process to alert marshals ahead of time,” Hay argued.

Oregon US Senator Ron Wyden was quoted discussing the Constitutionals, saying the standoff was “a situation where the virus was spreading.”

Since when is defending the Constitution, the founding documents of this country, and a document he swore to protect when he took office, a “Virus”?

The government has decided this is another situation where the rights of the people are inconvenient to the authorities, so they can disregard them at will.

Remember, Ruby Ridge? Remember Waco?

Now we can Remember LaVoy!


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7 Comments on Indictments Finally Unsealed Against Bundy Group

  1. There is a Right Wing anti-Communist Socialism, like early union leaders whom controlled the unions before 1976, which was still a free society that the citizens have liberty and right to own private property such as a home, business or land ownership. Were all people have political voice and strong governance policy making power by right to vote, all people of society were improving in social equality.

    Then we headed more towards Left Wing Socialism when all people have social equality, Political policy is decided on by a ruling counsel or congress. The majority of people begin to loose policy making decisions. The further to the political left, the citizens loose more of their freedom, liberty and individual rights.

    Even further left, they loose oppertunity to become able to afford to purchase private property and gun ownership to protect and defend this property and self. That becomes only possible by a smaller elite class, which are the Capitalists whom become an elite privileged class in society, whom become large investers thru hedge, private equity, corporate and union fund investments that eventually take over the governing role that will benefits their own interest.

    Extreme left Socialism of Fascism, when all private property is owned by a select few Elite in the ruling class and introduces a Dictatorship and militarized polIce force.

    Then Totalitarian Communism is Property Owned by the governing state under a high authority leader whom is the sole ruler over the whole Society under martial law.

    Where is American on this political measure and where is each other nation in the world? How far to the left will we have to progress before people will rise up and prevent further political progression to the left?

    Obama ruled by Executive Order bypassing the legislative branch while Americans saw a militarized police force present itself at the Ferguson protests. Individual home owners loose their homes in bankruptcy and small business owners become tenants in their business facilities.

    Private property has become hard to purchase by common citizens and commercial properties are becoming only owned by banks, Corporations and high profile investers investwd in Private investment and hedge funds. Corporations are taking over farmlands and government is hoarding on federal owned lands.

    What Socialism does Sanders support, Right or Left Wing? Does he live a lifestyle of the rich and famous or is it simular to that of a common middle class man?
    If his home is a mansion and he preaches socialism then he is a Communist in disguise. BEWARE!!!

    Where is it that Trump wants to take us? He smears his opponents well but what is his plan to make Americs great again?
    Is he going to initiate a major aggressive plan such as that of Bolshevik mafia jew Joseph Stalin for Russia in the 30’s.
    The people are in need to reestablish the Court of Commin Law trials that induct and judge by the citizens through a 25 member trial jury, established by the law of the land under Common Court System that already exists and is identified in the US Constitution!!!

    Leave your Constitution alone, indict government officials on violation of the 1940 Smith Act, which was to prevent supporters of foreign government from taking US Political System over for their own political agenda.

    Indict government officials on violating the 1954 Anti Communist Act established by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower!!!

  2. diane m v holguin-brooks – You, obviously watch MSM and bekieve everything the government spits out. ALL the townspeople did NOT want them to go. They had tremendous support from the community in the way of food and supplies they needed. Most people in that town are afraid to speak out as the how they really felt about the entire situation. You saw a few – which can be made to look like a lot – of people against them. All they were doing was educating the people on the Constitution and their rights vs the federal government. Quit being a sheep, quit being part of the masses out there that do not have a clue as to what it was all really about and research before making such arrogant claims. God bless the Patriot, the Constitution, and freedom granted to us by God. RESEARCH!!!!!!

  3. These people had absolutely no right to break, enter and occupy any property not belonging to them…they taunted the Federal Agents continously-even at the onset when asked to leave peaceably. The Hammonds, the townspeople, the Sheriff did not want them there and yet they disregarded all the reasonable admonitions to leave in peace and chose not to do so, surprised more weren’t killed or injured…Kudos to the Federal Agents and Law enforcement Officials who finally brought this matter to a safe close for the townspeople of Burn OR…adice for future events of this type, do not wait as long…you are protecting the rights of many, many citizens opposed to the rights these nut cases tell the rest of us do not apply—unless we are on their side!!!

    • So any time townspeople do not like the actions of others, a kill zone should be set up on a highway somewhere?

    • My Lord ! A picture perfect Boobus Americanus Statist.
      Why don’t you go down and root this rogue judge on since you cannot identify your own rights?

  4. well all you have to do is look at Hillary Clinton and what she is getting away with as a liberal, i’m afraid these guys are gonna be rail roaded…

    • Well, Ammon always thinks he can talk his way through anything. I used to do welding for Ammon back before the economic collapse in 2008. He has his work cutt out for himself this time. Federal court is like going to a Nazi Gestapo court.

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