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Gadsden flag Over the BLM Before Todays Protest

Gadsden flag Over the BLM Before Todays Protest


Gadsden flag Over the BLM Before Todays Protest

Updated: See Below

Still in the dark you can see the Gadsden flag under Old Glory at the BLM office in Burns, but it seems they didn’t gadsdenwaste much time in removing it, I guess they have a problem with one of the most popular historical flags of our nation.gadsden





In the midst of all this is the unconfirmed report that the powers that be have gone in and cleared out the Mahler Wildlife Refuge, but if they have our people on the ground couldn’t get any closer than this:

gadsdenMust be the first marker, I can’t see an unmanned set of cones stopping supporters from resupplying them and I can ‘t believe the sheriff and FBI leaving it with just this to bar the curious, there has to be another block further down the road and out of sight. See below for update.


The ‘strikeout’ portion has been verified as FALSE

Perhaps the biggest news we are hearing is coming from a friend of the Finicum family (unconfirmed) that LaVoy was shot 9 times (not the 3 that the FBI released). His body has apparently been released and an independent autopsy will be performed, but they did say one shot was to the face and it will be a closed casket funeral. If this is true, I don’t even want to speculate on what the reaction could be, their attempt to be open by releasing video and taking a Portland news reporter along for the ambush is not convincing many people.


There is a protest scheduled for today that started at noon, and some folks were meeting in town making arrangements. The people of the town seem to be split, many just want the status quo returned to what they consider normal, but the larger portion are looking to make some changes, especially after the death of LaVoy Fimicum. At least one local LEO wants to try and keep the lines of communication open.

Update: The only incident reported at the rally was a female driver with Oregon plates 347?EE using her bumper to push a protestor out of the way at a nearby corner, the side of her car was painted with slogans supporting the local Sheriff and when reported to the local police, they simply started directing traffic. No charges were filed.

Also: Revolution Radio just had a phone call from the 4 still in the refuge, they were not removed last night as the rumors had previously reported.

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