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Electronic Cigarette Regulation in Idaho

Contact your Representative and tell them to Vote NO on H0498.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Regulation in Idaho

An Idaho House panel has introduced a measure that would regulate electronic cigarette sales under the same statute as nicotine and tobacco products.

House Minority Leader John Rusche of Lewiston told the House Health and Welfare Committee on Monday that e-cigarettes have the same harmful health side effects as tobacco products. However, this claim has proven to be false by a number of studies.

Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, and over 4000 other chemicals. 51 of those chemicals are known to be carcinogenic.

Electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes have a few components, such as an atomizer and a battery, but the main concern is the e-liquid that is turned into vapor and inhaled.

Typically, the e-liquid will contain one of hundreds of flavors. For those desiring nicotine without smoke, the solution contains nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin – both common food additives. Experts say propylene glycol has had no serious known side effects since the 1950s when it was included in nebulizers and asthma inhalers. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA, includes this ingredient as one of its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) substances.

Multiple studies have shown that the electronic cigarette, or vaporizer, is a successful smoking cessation aid.

The government has invested themselves into the heavy taxing of traditional tobacco cigarettes. They have done this through the reasoning that tobacco products are unhealthy, therefore they are justified in forcing people to quit by pricing them out of control and by banning where they can be consumed.

Well, they have been successful in their campaign to stigmatize cigarette smoking. This does, however, come at a price. The government loses tax revenue as people quit smoking.

Now, there is a new product that is not being regulated.

Big Tobacco is on board with regulation, as they see government interference as aiding in the product’s demise.

Big Pharma is on board with regulation as they see the opportunity to take over the industry, especially if it is regulated to being dispensed at pharmacies only.

Government is on board with regulation because, well, they love to be Big Brother in the Nanny state, and they generally make big money off their regulations.

They only ones that are not on board are the citizen consumers. Citizens do not like more government telling them what they can and cannot do. The people have free will and they wish to exercise it. Government deciding what is best for them does not generally go over so well with the citizens of this country.

Not only will this hurt the small business owner, those running the widely popular “vapor lounges” and “vapor shops,” but it will hurt the poorest of our citizens by pricing this stop-smoking aid right out of their reach.

Idaho wants to regulate electronic cigarettes through House Bill 498. it is being fast-tracked, and you can expect them to go temporarily deaf to any requests for a public hearing in which the people can speak on the issue.

They will, generally, listen to an email overload on their computers. If you wish your elected official to vote down this over-regulation, then you must contact them and tell them so.

Contact your Representative here, or better yet, contact them all. I am sure they would love to hear from as many citizens as they can! Tell them to VOTE NO on H0498.

Electronic cigarettes

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