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Constitutional Sheriff Is Most Crucial Election

Elect the Sheriff that will uphold the US Constitution at all costs.

Constitutional Sheriff

Constitutional Sheriff Is The Most Crucial Election

The end of a 41 day protest at the Harney County Resource Center, also known as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge came on Thursday, February 11th. The remaining four holdouts negotiated with Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and Reverend Franklin Graham before surrendering to FBI.

Fiore is a member of the Coalition of Western States (COWS), a group that represents over 50 legislators, elected delegates and grassroots leaders predominantly in the Western United States dedicated to stopping Government overreach.

Along with Fiore, additional COWS members, including Idaho Representatives Heather Scott and Judy Boyle, Nevada Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton and Assemblyman John Moore, all traveled to the Malheur Refuge south of Burns, Oregon to assist in the negotiations for a peaceful resolution.

Prayers were answered that no more blood was shed that day. However, the battle is just beginning.

I get questions and comments that ask me “Why should I care about Harney County?” I will tell you why. Harney County Is You. What is happening in Harney County, the government over reach and the BLM land grab, this will come to you and your county.

Burns is the front line, if you will, but this battle will come to every county in every state in the Western Region of the United States. It will come to you, if it hasn’t already. And yes, it has begun in many areas.

Constitutional Sheriff
“We will take America back, Sheriff by Sheriff, County by County, State by State.” -Sheriff Richard Mack

Some counties have a leg-up in this crusade that Harney County does not have. They are blessed with a Constitutional Sheriff. People tend to take it for granted until they see a place like Burns, where civil rights were shut down.

I follow many social media sites, and another discussion keeps jumping out at me. People are hollering for ‘Revolution’ and a 2nd ‘Civil War’. I have news for them, too. We are already there.

The Revolution that they speak of is not going to be like it was 200 years ago. It won’t be a war in which folks can look out their windows and see two sides fighting to control a little hill.

It will be attacks like Ammon Bundy is fighting. It will be battles over the land in the West. They will happen over private property rights, over land use rights, and water rights. Most of the struggles will happen inside a courtroom.

That is where this war will be fought, and won or lost.

You don’t want a Sheriff like David Ward that invited the FBI into his county to take over, and take away the people’s rights. You want a Sheriff that will stand up for your rights.

You need a Sheriff that will stand fast for your civil liberties. Someone that will not allow illegal gun grabs to come into your home. A Sheriff that will not abdicate his authority, or his responsibilities to his county. You need someone that will not allow the US Constitution to be overlooked.

You want a Sheriff like Sheriff David A Clarke, Jr. – Milwaukee County, WI, Sheriff Glenn Palmer – Grant County, OR, or Sheriff Daryl Wheeler – Bonner County, ID. These men have proven their mettle. They are not hiding from the Feds, they are confronting them.

I live in a county with a Constitutional Sheriff. I was one of the people that took it for granted, until I visited Harney County. I don’t always agree with my sheriff, and he understands this. But, I don’t always agree with my spouse either. I think I will keep them both around.

This is an election year and if you do not have a truly Constitutional Sheriff in your county, now is the time you must get one. The Sheriff is the first line of defense in your county, and he holds more power than the Federal government IN YOUR COUNTY.

Elect the Sheriff that will uphold the Constitution at all costs.

Then support him. Be there for him as you want him to be for you.


~by Shari Dovale


3 Comments on Constitutional Sheriff Is Most Crucial Election

  1. The idea of constitutional sheriffs is unconstitutional. Nowhere in the Constitution is a sheriff empowered to d8 anything .. The Constitution does empower the federal government t8 regulate commerce and also call any one who raises weapons against the government as treason. And you cannot declare the Fed’s illeagal or unconstitutional with out due process like everybody else.I. you guy are denying them the same rights you claim

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