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2A Rally Boise Draws Big Names and Crowds

Today's rally focused on why Idaho has not yet passed Constitutional Carry.

Constitutional Carry Rally, Boise, Idaho

2A Rally Boise Draws Big Names and Crowds

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) sponsored it’s 3rd annual Constitutional Carry Rally in Boise today.

Citizens from all over Idaho gathered to show their support for their rights under the Second Amendment (2A). The crowd grew to several hundred, with some estimates having it pushing 900 people.

Beginning at Boise on the Grove, the excited, yet calm crowd walked up the street to the Capitol with a police escort.

Several Media outlets were there to record the event, and Redoubt News, in conjunction with Revolution Radio on, live-streamed the entire event, complete with speeches.

Speakers included Greg Pruett, founder of ISAA, former Idaho State Senator Russ Fulcher, Wayne Hoffman, of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and Larry Pratt, founder and executive director of Gun Owners of America (GOA).

Kevin Miller, talk radio host of KIDO-Boise, was Master of Ceremonies, and did a fantastic job.


3rd Annual Constitutional Carry Rally drew several hundred to Boise from all over the state of Idaho.


“Gun control means use two hands,” said Russ Fulcher. “And don’t trust the government with a weapon if it won’t trust you with one.”

“Tell the folks inside [the Capitol] they don’t make Idaho look good,” Larry Pratt told the crowd, “when they’re behaving like the folks in San Francisco and New York City.”

With eight states now allowing permit-less carry, today’s rally focused on why Idaho has not yet passed Constitutional Carry.

Walking through the crowd, we came upon Representative Heather Scott (R-Blanchard). Scott sponsored HB89 last year, which was a Constitutional Carry bill that did not pass. Scott was not scheduled to speak today, but stated she was there to support the citizens of her state.

There have been multiple bills brought to the Idaho house this session on the issue of permit-less carry. With the citizens voices being heard around the state, will the Legislature get the job done this year?


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