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The American Party – Are We Ready For A Change?

Is the current two-party political system all but done for? The citizens seem to think so.

the american party eagle
The American Party

The American Party – Are We Ready For A Change?

by Shari Dovale


Is the current two-party political system all but done for? The citizens seem to think so. Call them ‘Republocrats’ or ‘Demicans’, it is painfully obvious they have merged into one group, ignoring the will of the people and only serving themselves.

When the voters handed the GOP a tsunami-victory in 2014, taking control of both the House and the Senate, they expected the same support in return. They have not received it. …..Still.

Right out of the gate, the country screamed for the head of John Boehner. Well, he won his bid for Speaker of the House easily. Many of the Tea Party favorites jumped on his support bandwagon.

Throughout the year, we have seen crony capitalism in both parties. They are all making money, building up the class system of government elites, and ignoring the will of the people.

The Republican majority has made absolutely NO Difference than when the Democrats were in control. Actually, the Democrats are praising the Republicans, as if it was all part of the big plan. The two parties, and their agendas, are all but fused.

house freedom caucus
Freedom Caucus members including founding members, Rep. Jim Jordan, second from left, and Rep. Raul Labrador, center (Photo Credit: Roll Call)

The House Freedom Caucus (HFC), trying to make a big noise of support for conservative values, makes no difference at all. They talk loud, and vote liberal. And, as all good and savvy politicians, they have an excuse for everything.

The HFC takes credit for ousting Boehner, but the truth is they had no choice. People all over the country were screaming for his resignation. If the HFC really had the kind of pull that they would like the voters to believe, then Daniel Webster would be our new Speaker of the House, not Paul Ryan.

They can talk all they want about supporting Webster, but the vote that counted showed 10 votes for Webster, not the 40 or so in the HFC.

Then there is the $1.1TRILLION Omnibus Budget deal that Ryan authored. Yes, do not forget: This was not handed to him unawares, he was the Chairman of the Budget Committee that wrote this horrible deal.

Christmas came early for Ryan when he was handed the gavel, and allowed a free ride to push this fully-loaded 2,000 page monstrosity on America. However, even he knew what response he would get throughout the country. So he went into secret meetings with Nancy Pelosi, hiding the mega horror from most of his party, and not allowing anyone time to read and vet it before the vote. Wow, that does not sound like conservative politics.

pelosi ryan
Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan

Again, The House Freedom Caucus claims they do not like it, but they STILL support Ryan. How is that possible? Even his own constituents are praying for a challenger in the upcoming primary. They want him gone, as is evidenced by this new Facebook page, which has over 27,000 supporters today.

It is pretty obvious that very few in D.C. are speaking on behalf of the American people. The most notable is surprisingly Donald Trump. Trump’s enormous popularity stems from his listening, and hearing, the American people.

People are tired of the political correct government-speak not allowing for American exceptionalism. They are tired of this administration taking away their sovereignty and giving our country to the United Nations.

They are tired of the government war chests that are kept full from Special Interest groups.

They are tired of being led from behind. They are tired of their Constitution being trampled or ignored completely. They are tired of the government that has given up all that was great about America.

The Eagle is Rising. The ‘Silent Majority’ is no longer silent. They are speaking up, and they are loud.

The D.C. Elites, of which Paul Ryan has proudly joined, have everything locked up so tight, they don’t feel they have to listen to the people anymore. They see themselves as the ruling class, and the serfs, the little people, the minions, the voters are no longer important.

But the American people have awakened. People from all walks of life, straight and gay, black and white, from what used to be two different political parties, they have all united under values that this country was founded on.

They believe the Constitution is set in stone. It is not ‘a living, breathing document’ that should change with the times. It is the founding documents that built this country and made it great.

american eagle
The American Party

It is time for a new political party. One that adheres to the Constitution and the will of the people. Who will lead this new party? It could be Trump, it could be Ted Cruz. It could be someone that we have not met as yet. But it is certain that it will be the will of the people.

What can we call this new party? Only one name comes to mind…

The American Party

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