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Sandpoint To Vote on Refugees Today

There have been multiple demonstrations around North Idaho, showing viewpoints on both sides of the issue.

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Sandpoint To Vote on Refugees Today

by Bret Roush

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Tonight the City of Sandpoint’s Council will vote on the resolution that has made such a stir by basically taking the first step toward becoming a ‘sanctuary city’ in reaction to our County Commissioner’s resolution. Bonner county led the way and other counties are following suit.

The latest poll results on our site show a strong opposition to the city council’s resolution.

Citizens across the state are voicing their opposition to the refugees coming to Idaho. Their voices are getting louder, and their elected officials are listening.

After Bonner County, Kootenai and Boundary counties quickly followed suit.

Lemhi County has joined them in urging the Governor to take a firmer stand to protect our citizens.

Lemhi County approved a resolution to deny any payment of County funds towards the refugee resettlement program being promoted by the Obama administration. This was approved on January 11, 2016.

New Sandpoint Mayor, Shelby Rognstad, appears to want to thwart his constituents, and turn this city into a Sanctuary City. At the initial meeting, the vote was tabled due to the overwhelming response from the citizens.

Over 200 people attended, with most of the people not allowed inside the meeting room. They were forced to stand either in the hallway or outside in the cold. If they chose to speak, they were called in individually, then escorted back outside.

There have been multiple demonstrations around North Idaho, showing viewpoints on both sides of the issue. A recent demonstration in Bonners Ferry drew about 200 people, many from outside of the area.

Whether it is for purely ideological reasons, or for the money that the Federal governement pays to Sanctuary cities, doesn’t seem to matter to the residents of Bonner county and Sandpoint. They do not like this resolution.

We certainly hope that Mayor Rognstad considers the response to his last meeting as he selects the venue for tonight’s meeting. There is certain to be a large turnout. Let’s hope their don’t start yelling about a “Recall” as we heard then.


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Lemhi County Resolution


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2 Comments on Sandpoint To Vote on Refugees Today

  1. He needs recalled for even THINKING about this let alone acting on it. 85% opposition, it should be 100%. Wow, think about the leaders you guys are electing. Hes watched way too much “Barney” as a kid.

  2. In today’s Bonner County Daily Bee there is the following announcement on the front page:

    “CITY: NO COMMENTS AT TODAY’S MEETING. The Sandpoint City Council will not take comments at today’s meeting. Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton said the doors to City Hall will open at 5pm. She said public comment was closed at that time and the purpose of the meeting is for the council to delibgerate on the comments.
    The resolution affirming Sandpoint city council’s commitment to human rights and non-discrimination is the only item on the agenda.”

    Please note: It is now the CITY ADMINISTRTOR, the newly created, six-figure-salary employee serving at the discretion of the mayor, who is making these announcements. The mayor is clearly hiding behind her. That was the purpose all along: insert a bureaucrat between the citizens and elected officials to help take the heat off of them.

    Please also note: City Councilman Bob Camp, the only conservative on the council, announced yesterday that he plans to make a motion to allow public comment.

    Please show up for this important meeting.

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