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Rejecting Refugee Invitations to North Idaho

Devoted practitioners of the Religion of Tolerance and Political Correctness are ramping up their jihad on the community.

rejecting refugee Sandpoint Refugee Resolution

Rejecting Refugee Invitations to North Idaho

by Dan Lyman

Many North Idahoans are wary of California transplants – and with good reason. The Redoubt region of the Pacific Northwest is one of the final American frontiers that has managed to escape the scourge of sordid leftist policies and corrosive progressivism that are effectively turning the most populous state in the Union into an extortionate Third World cesspool.

I would know – I just escaped after nearly a decade in metro Los Angeles for the tranquility, relative safety, and quality of life that the Idaho panhandle affords.

It has been said that Sandpoint is like ‘a little slice of the 1950s life,’ and it’s true in many ways. After years of living around L.A. and New York City, this place is a tremendous breath of fresh air. And as with any wholesome enclave still clinging to traditional values, subversive hijackers have come aboard and are pointing the guns at the deck.

The dichotomy of patriotic, conservative-minded locals and an ever-growing faction of West Coast liberals generally exists in peaceful harmony. But, just as with the Islamic invaders they inexplicably revere, devoted practitioners of the Religion of Tolerance and Political Correctness are ramping up their jihad on the community as their numbers reach the initial stages of critical mass.

The clash of ideologies was on full display at January 6th’s city council meeting, as the newly elected mayor, Shelby Rognstad, brought forth a resolution that could as easily have been penned by Saul Alinsky, as himself.

Some comments on the subject matter of the mayor’s statements might include –

• Islam is not a race – it is a political ideology with a built-in religious component. Its end goal is complete subjugation of the global population.

• Terror attacks are almost exclusively executed by radical Islamists, with over 27,500 deadly acts of jihad committed worldwide since 9/11.

• Adolph Hitler and the Nazis closely associated themselves with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, with Hajj Amin al-Husseini often referred to as ‘Hitler’s mufti.’

• Japanese internment was ordered by progressive icon, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and applied to Japanese-Americans who were already on U.S. soil, in the middle of a declared world war. The ethicality of such a decision is certainly up for debate, but there is no similar situation unfolding in the United States. In contrast, human enslavement and oppression is on-going in many Islamic states and regions. Additionally, another progressive icon, Jimmy Carter, not only banned immigration from Iran during the hostage crisis, but went so far as to order 50,000 Iranian students studying in the U.S. to report to immigration offices for visa inspections and deportations.

• Democrats, liberals, and progressives founded and comprised the Ku Klux *Klan. These same left wing racists gave us black codes and Jim Crow laws. Former KKK leader and Democrat Senator Robert Byrd personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964, alongside Al Gore Sr. and a majority of Democrat senators.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 provides a legal framework for the rejection of immigrants who adhere to Islamic doctrine and Sharia Law, the Islamic constitution – which declares itself superior to all other laws and constitutions. It allows Muslims to attack, terrorize, and murder non-Muslims, throw homosexuals off buildings, and stone women to death as punishment for being rape victims, as all are components of jihad. Additionally, a sovereign nation has the right to defend its borders however it sees fit, as well as the discretion to block entry by any foreign person or entity. United States Constitutional rights do not extend to non-citizens.

• The director of the FBI, James Comey, has publicly testified that it is impossible to properly screen and vet all Muslim ‘refugees’ – and that was back when only 10,000 were being publicly proposed. Of course, this is in addition to more than 100,000 Syrians from the jihadist hotbed that have already been admitted to the U.S. since 2012 alone – which is a fraction of the 680,000 green cards issued to immigrants from Muslim countries since 2010. The omnibus spending bill signed into law last month by Barack Obama green lights visas for 300,000 more Muslim immigrants over a 12 month period.

shelby rognstad anita aurit
Facebook post by Mayor Shelby Rognstad. Photo Credit: Anita Aurit

Rognstad doubled-down on his resolution with an equally divisive and inflammatory post on his Facebook page – which he later edited in an attempt to hide his most incriminating verbiage. Fortunately, a vigilant local citizen managed a screenshot of his original post.

Under normal circumstances, a public official targeting his constituency with such aggressively hostile accusations before even swearing into office would be incredible – but this is 2016, and the radical left is working double-time across the West to infiltrate, desecrate, and annihilate every facet of classical American principles, under the mendacious guises of ‘progress,’ ‘tolerance,’ and ‘diversity.’

There is no gutter the divisive left won’t troll: Demonization through the inversion of reality, truth, and language is the battle plan, and they adhere to it passionately. And if it means importing hordes of the same Third World animals that are setting Europe on fire and mass-raping their way across the continent, then so be it.

However, as I noted in my recent piece, Has the Left Overplayed Its Hand? – I believe there is a mass-awakening happening . The once-silent majority is coming to the realization that the Anti-American Machine has been working tirelessly for decades to destroy our way of life through any means necessary, and now that the finish line is in sight, they are getting bold and sloppy. In their maladroit haste, they’ve aroused the Sleeping Giant.

A typical city council meeting might attract a dozen or so dutiful observers – last Wednesday’s attracted over 200 attendees for a room with a maximum occupancy of about 130. Many folks were stuck outside, including some who wished to directly address the council during the dedicated portion of the evening.

shelby rognstad no salute to flagMayor Rognstad chose to make a telling statement on his first night in office. In front of a room full of combat veterans, firemen, and police officers – and in stark contrast to the rest of his fellow council members – he observed the Pledge of Allegiance with his hands behind his back.

obama no salute to anthemThis gesture bore a close resemblance to that of the most well-known practitioner of the “crotch salute” – Barack Hussein Obama

I took the opportunity to highlight this detail at the end of my address to the council. For nearly an hour and a half, the vast majority of approximately 40 county residents who took to the podium voiced their outrage, rejection, and consternation over the prospect that a mere handful of city employees could make such an unrepresentative, uninformed decision to lift the tent flap and let the camel start poking its nose around – without putting it to a vote by the community first.

Speaker after speaker hammered increasingly agitated council members with facts, figures, economic realities, safety and security concerns, and disgust over the bigoted and puerile language of the original resolution. Mayor Rognstad repeatedly allowed the few supporters of his measure to speak well past their time limit, while frequently cutting off opponents at the one minute mark – and in at least one case, before.

In the end, multiple council members exhibited distinct emotional and mental distress – there were even tears shed by council woman Deb Ruehle, who bizarrely lamented to the crowd that the resolution had distressed her so deeply, she asked her 9-year-old for advice on the decision. Because surely, small children should be consulted about the long-term ramifications of planting the seeds of jihad and cultural upheaval in a small, rural community.

After nearly 20 minutes of tense public deliberation, virtue signaling, political circumlocution, and awkward silences, the resolution was stripped of some of its most vile terminology – despite a veto by Ruehle – and tabled until the next council meeting.

Sandpointers were dolefully reminded that city councilors “don’t really get paid” (city budget figures tell a different story), that their job is very hard, and that we should all be nicer to them in the future… Let’s first see how they vote on January 20.


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12 Comments on Rejecting Refugee Invitations to North Idaho

  1. Dan, excellent article. There are MANY here in Sandpoint who feel the same way, and are sick and tired of being called “racists, or bigots” just because we refuse to let our beautiful town be turned in to some liberal utopia of good feelings and rainbows, where there are no such things as violent jihadists waging our destruction. Most of us are good hard-working, church-going Americans that just want a safe place to raise our families. I too noticed the mayor not respecting the pledge of allegiance or the flag in the council meeting that took place. (watched it from home). We need to all wake up, and peacefully show the minority liberal extreme view that we will not sit quietly, and let our town OR COUNTRY be “fundamentally transformed”, as our POTUS stated.

  2. At least you’re honest Dan, in acknowledging your own recent refugee status.

    At the compassion rally here in Bonners Ferry, I got there a bit early and was still sitting in my truck. A ‘reporter’ walked up and commented I must be there to protest against the rally. Asked him why and he assumed since I was wearing a camo parka, I was a protester. No siree, I don’t get all excited about refugees, after all, those protesters gathering across the street? Know most of them personally and to a person, they are all refugees from S.CA.

    • LOL! The turn of phrase – so witty. Clearly you are quite ‘excited’ about the article and subject matter. Anyways – your tax dollars are as useful as mine, aren’t they? Happy to be a SoCal ‘refugee,’ who can support any local economy I choose, assimilate, and not rape/murder/leech off the natives. Hope that ‘camo jacket’ is keeping you warm.

  3. Quit ENABLING MISgovernment. I QUIT donating to food banks, charity. I realized my dollars were protecting the Politicians that gave our jobs away. The Politicians want US to feed and clothe those that THEY put in trouble. WE are supposed to sacrifice and feed the JOBLESS so the Politicians escape accountability for betraying America. It is time the destitute and starving go after the Politicians that ruined their lives
    BOYCOTT all churches — Do NOT give any money to any church until they QUIT bringing in REFUJIHADIS —- The government is PAYING the CHURCHES to bring the ENEMY into our country, and JUST like JUDAS ISCARIOT the 501C3 “churches” are taking the silver to BETRAY their own FLOCKS.
    YOU are paying for your own destruction. When these “holy men” are not chasing little children they are deceiving you.
    Better idea …. do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, SEND those who are concerned about them over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.
    What do you think they are going to LIVE ON?
    YOUR Social Security will be given to the REFUJIHADIS.
    YOUR PENSIONS (already proposed by Robert Reich) will be POOLED so EVERYBODY gets a pension.
    then YOUR IRAs will be grabbed as the last source of funding …………….
    Each refugee already has access to the following:
    Temporary assistance for Needy Families
    Medicaid Food Stamps
    Supplemental “Security” Income
    Social Security Disability Insurance
    Administrative Developmental Disabilities (ADD)
    Child Care and Development Fund
    Independent Living Program
    Low Income Housing Energy Assistance
    Postsecondary Education Grants
    Refugee Assistance Program
    Title IV Foster Care
    Title XX Social Services Block Grant Fund
    And from our lovely State Department…
    $2200 per month for every man, woman and child.

  4. Considering the impact this, and other actions by the Sandpoint city council have upon the outlying area, Bonner County and Boundary County, this is no longer something that only the citizens of the city are watching carefully! The thought of a recall is no longer talk. I find it extremely difficult to understand how Shelby was allowed to run as a Republican, when it is obvious that he is far from the concept put forth by the party platform!

  5. Great article. Agree on all of it. One point on the photo of Obama not saluting. This is a Internet urban legend. At that time they were singing “Hail to the Chief” and the President is not suppose to put his hand over his heart. The song is honoring him.

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