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Oath Keepers Revitalized with Community Preparedness Teams

Community Preparedness Teams

Community Preparedness Teams


Oath Keepers come in all shapes, sizes, all ages, backgrounds, military and civilian. They have one thing in common, the need within themselves to defend the US Constitution.

Oath Keepers started as an organization of current and former military, police, firefighters and first responders who were dismayed at how the country seemed to forget our founding documents, specifically the US Constitution. They can, individually, tell you their story of what it meant to them to raise their hand and swear allegiance to that document. They can also tell you what it does to them when they see someone forget the Oath they took.

Oath Keepers have taken quite the hit in the mainstream media. They have been portrayed as gun nuts looking for an excuse to go back to war, and worse. But what they really are is a community helping each other.

Oath Keepers have started their Community Preparedness Teams (CPT) Project, and are working with individuals and groups to strengthen communities and the nation.

Community Preparedness Teams

They are educating their communities in emergency medical, communications, security and more! The hold regular meetings and classes throughout the country and help with specific family crisis as they arise. They are helping everyone, not just veterans. Look for a local chapter and help your neighbors, as they will help you!

Some of the local chapters in the North Idaho Region include:

Inland Northwest Oath Keepers

Meeting 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 7pm

Hospitality House (Senior Center)

216 S. Washington St, Newport, WA

Contact: Brad Hanson – 509-671-3585

Oath Keepers of Pend Oreille

     Formerly known as the Oath Keepers of Pend Oreille, this chapter has been reorganized as the Inland Northwest Chapter, and has received quite a lot of attention. They are serving Newport, Priest River, Blanchard, Deer Park, Usk and other areas.

Every meeting has generated many new faces. The latest meeting covered information on Emergency Communications. Upcoming classes including Food Storage and Basic Weapon Safety.

Oath Keepers of Boundary County

Meetings at the Extension Office, 6447 Kootenai St, Bonners Ferry,

1st Friday each month at 6:30pm

Contact: Jeff and Tia Avery – 208-267-5495

Oath Keepers of Boundary County

     The Oath Keepers of Boundary County are very proactive in their community. Recently, they committed to filling 200 food baskets for their local families for Thanksgiving. They have generated support from several organizations, including the Future Farmers of America (FFA) youth that are holding a food drive to add vegetables to the baskets.
They still need more, however, and anyone that can help with donations of food or money towards these Thanksgiving Baskets, please contact Tia Avery at 208-267-5495

Bonner County Oath Keepers

Meetings at First Christian Church on Division St, Sandpoint

3rd & 4th Fridays every month, 6pm

* exceptions are Nov/Dec, only the 3rd Fridays

Contact: Dan Rose –


The North Idaho Regional Director, Jarrod Garcia, tells me of the Oath Keepers broad overhaul. Yes, they absolutely honor their oath, but they do it in more focused terms. They understand that the centerpiece of their organization is the people, so their attention is on getting communities trained versus building their membership. The priorities are individuals and neighborhoods.

Garcia also congratulates the County Coordinators for the amazing jobs they have done in getting their areas organized. He does add that the Oath Keepers are looking for a chapter in Kootenai County. If anyone is interested in coordinating that area, please contact Jarrod Garcia. at


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