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Oath Keepers Celebrate Local Accomplishments

Local Oath Keeper chapters recognized the accomplishments of their members.

Community Preparedness Teams

Oath Keepers Celebrate Local Accomplishments

Oath keepers are called “The Guardians of the Republic” and their common bond is their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies. This includes their ‘Associate Members’, those that did not serve in uniform but serve now through support of this mission.

Oath keeper groups are found in all states with chapters in most counties. Focusing on community education and training, local chapters comprise the backbone of the organization. They share knowledge and resources with their neighbors through the Community Preparedness Teams (CPT).

The Bonner County chapter hosted several North Idaho members at their 1st Annual Potluck Dinner for all chapters in the region. Honoring the accomplishments of local individuals and groups brought well over 100 people together on Friday night.

Oath Keeper Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick Hall

Oath Keeper Nancy Larned
Nancy Larned

Oath Keepers Jeff and Tia Avery
Jeff and Tia Avery

Oath Keepers Mike and Peggy Pierce
Mike and Peggy Pierce

Groups from Bonners Ferry south to Lewiston were represented, with Oath Keeper National Founder Stewart Rhodes as keynote speaker. Highlighting several local chapters of Oath Keepers, the night focused on the achievements of the North Idaho region.

Receiving awards were Ranger Rick Hall, Jeff and Tia Avery, Nancy Larned, and Mike and Peggy Pierce, all presented by Regional 1 Coordinator, Jarrod Garcia and Bonner County Coordinator Dan Rose.

The evening hosted several speakers, including fellow Oath Keepers Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard), Danielle Ahrens, BCRCC Chairman, and Jason Van Tatenhove, National Media Director for Oath Keepers.

During the keynote address, Stewart Rhodes spoke of his admiration for the people in Northern Idaho, their dedication and tireless devotion to their country. Thanking them for their endurance to the ongoing challenges, Rhodes joined the celebration honoring everyone’s efforts.

Discussing the recent refugee resolutions by county commissioners throughout northern Idaho, and the large turnout from Oath Keepers at these meetings, he commended everyone for getting involved and making a difference. “That should be the goal,” he said. ”What really matters is whether your fellow Americans are awake and standing up.”

Rhodes also discussed the threat of school violence that our country now faces. “You know another school shooting is coming.” Encouraging everyone to be armed and ready, “The militia is not for your own self-defense. It is for the community.”

Oath Keeper CPT

He announced the intent to form Oath Keeper Clubs on college and high school campuses, allowing the students the opportunity to learn self-defense and self-reliance, while adhering to the Founding Fathers vision and the Constitution.



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