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Now they want to Blame Ammon for LaVoy’s Death

Blaming Ammon for LaVoy's Death

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Now they want to Blame Ammon for LaVoy’s Death


So now a Federal Judge in Oregon thinks that the protesters at the Refuge are to blame for Lavoy Finicums death? Which one pulled the trigger, Judge Beckerman? Watch the video and listen to all the things that could have been changed that would not have cost a life. The man narrating it is a retired Police Officer, something to put some stock into.

But if you wish to go back even further, why were not the past and present Sheriff of Harney County being indited? Or the Governor, both past and current? Their failure to discharge their duties in protecting the Hammonds from the BLM is the spark that started this grass fire. Decades they have been working around and against the constantly changing rules and regulations and, the Last Refuge has already done extensive research on this and the Atty. that had them re-sentenced at

“Beckerman didn’t buy that argument. “This went so far beyond a peaceful protest,” she said, adding that it put the surrounding community, police and those at the refuge in danger.” Oregonlive


And the ‘Occupy’ protests, Ferguson and Boston protests were peaceful? How many rapes were reported connected to the Oregon protest? How many businesses were stripped bare? How many buildings were burned? Vehicles destroyed? The overblown reaction of the county, state, and the federal law enforcement, closing schools, barricading the courthouse and setting up a compound at the airport is one of the reasons there was so much reaction by the people, both local and from outside the area. Don’t forget, the Refuge is 30 miles south of town.

Is it any wonder that Ammon Bundy said that he could not get justice in a federal court, but he knew that before he started.

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  1. Does this judge think it’s legal to admonish and give opinion prior to a jury trial and a finding of guilt? I sure hope these Lawyers are cloned in Jerry Spence’s likeness. The Fed’s tried to lie their way through the Randy Weaver massacre, but they lost! The fingers of corruption know no bounds in this government.

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