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Kootenai County Not Happy With The Feds

Read the Resolution!

Kootenai County Commissioners
Kootenai County Commissioners

Kootenai County Not Happy With The Feds

by Don Bradway

kootenai county sealThe Kootenai County Board of Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 and conducted “business as usual” until Resolution No. 2015-97, “Kootenai County Concerns Regarding Refugee Relocation” was read.

Commissioner Marc Eberlein read the resolution into the minutes and then commented about communications he has received from county residents regarding the proposed resolution.  While he would like to have included many suggestions submitted by constituents, he acknowledged that “reality intruded” when it came to “wordsmithing” the resolution and he was not able to include the “wish list” many had hoped for but was able to include “80% versus 100%” of the suggestions.


Commissioner Eberlein told of writing to a congressional representative when he was younger and beginning the missive with “Dear Jerk…”, to which his father-in-law reminded him that such an insult would result in the letter going into the trash without any further reading.  Chan

Kootenai County Refugee Resolution

ging the wording, not being too strong or soft, would get better results.  All of this was by way of saying that some of the comments he and the other commissioners received did not advance the various writers’ causes in seeking changes to the proposed resolution.

He acknowledged the diversity our country enjoys but agreed we do not want to import terrorists.  Safeguarding our citizens is foremost and those who are involved with the refugee importation need to remember their oaths of office.

Minor typo changes were made to the document and it was approved by all three commissioners.

Brent Regan thanked the commissioners for their hard work and noted that they were not supporting the importation of refugees, something some constituents had thought they were doing.  This resolution was “reminding the Federal government to follow their own laws.”  Linda Littlejohn echoed Mr. Regan’s thanks, as did Commissioner Dave Stewart.  Mrs. Littlejohn noted that the resolution “didn’t single anyone out” and was fair in its writing.



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