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Judge Grasty Meeting in Harney County VIDEO – Part 3

Judge Grasty holds a community meeting in Burns Oregon.

fbi sherrif ward judge grasty
Harney County Sheriff David Ward, left, speaks as Judge Steven Grasty looks on during a news conference Monday

Judge Grasty Community Meeting Harney County

Judge Steve Grasty is back in the headlines from Harney County, Oregon.

Holding a community meeting at the local High School, a couple of hundred residents showed up to hear what he had to say.

He was very clear that he wanted Ammon Bundy to go home, with his group of occupiers, but Grasty was not too clear on much else.

judge grasty harney county
Judge Steve Grasty Photo Credit: Redoubt News

He indicated that everyone could ask questions, yet he didn’t acknowledge very many. When asked about the rumors of beefed up operations around the county, including having a trauma unit ready with triple the normal amount of blood, that question went unanswered.

Grasty did respond to the continuing complaints of citizens not being allowed to assemble. He stated that all citizens will get permission as long as they are not committing felonies. He cited examples of drug dealers, but made his point that any meeting with Ammon Bundy would not be allowed due to the illegal occupation of the Refuge.

Overall, Grasty seemed to ignore questions he didn’t like, responding mainly to the comments that seemed to support his position. And of course, to repeat to the Bundy’s that they should go home.

Recently, the Harney County Fire Chief, Chris Briels, resigned amid allegations of corruption involving Judge Grasty. When he found what appeared to be FBI posing as militia in Burns, and being told by Grasty to leave it alone, Briels immediately resigned his position.

Sheriff David Ward is also taking heat from the community, as he has relinquished his authority to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in his county. He repeated tonight that he, nor his department, has anything to do with the investigation at the Malheur Refuge.

The Burns Paiute tribal leader, Charlotte Rodrique, spoke out against Bundy, as well. Not admitting that she has received requests from Ammon Bundy to meet with her, and insure the tribe receives all of their antiquities, she called for the occupiers to be prosecuted.

There were many people speaking on both sides of the issue tonight. As things got more heated, it appeared to this reporter that the entire meeting was designed to continue stirring the pot, so to speak. No attempt was made by Judge Grasty, or anyone else on the dais, to discuss solutions to the current situation.

Except, of course, to tell Bundy to go home.


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