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Idaho Permit-less Carry Draft Bill Released

The next step for the bill is to be introduced into a committee and then given a hearing

Idaho Permit-less Carry Draft Bill Released


rep heather scott
Rep Heather Scott
Ronald Nate
Rep. Ronald Nate

Boise, Idaho – January 20, 2016 – Idaho State Representatives Heather Scott (R-1) and Ronald Nate (R-34) kept their promise to release a draft of their permit-less carry bill to the public today. The two legislators worked through the summer and fall with various interested parties (gun owners, law enforcement, legislators, etc.) to develop this important legislation.

If passed, Scott and Nate’s bill would legalize carrying a concealed weapon without a permit both outside and within city limits throughout Idaho—eliminating potential confusion in Idaho’s gun laws and providing consistency in the law in both counties and cities.

Currently, open carry of loaded firearms is legal throughout Idaho. Permit-less carry is allowed everywhere but within city limits, creating concerns for law-abiding citizens who sometimes drive between cities and counties while carrying firearms. Merely having a loaded gun in the glove box makes a lawbreaker of someone who drives into city limits. Scott and Nate responded to constituents who raised concerns about unwittingly breaking the law, and the Representatives believe eliminating the few restricted areas was the most efficient way to address the confusing laws without further restricting Idahoans’ rights.

The bill’s language broadens the permit-less carry landscape of Idaho to include the area within city boundaries, without violating the wishes of private property owners in cities. It is a simple, clearly worded bill, and it adds only one line to Idaho’s existing gun laws.

“We decided on this language because it keeps all other substance of the law exactly how it is now, it doesn’t interfere with our reciprocity with other states, and it is easy to understand.” said Rep. Scott.
The bill does not change restrictions on who may buy or possess a firearm. It does not alter concealed carry permitting processes or requirements. Idahoans will still be able to apply for concealed carry permits, allowing them to legally conceal carry in other states with reciprocity.

Recent Presidential executive orders restricting gun rights have prompted many citizens to voice their concerns to legislators across Idaho. They want Idaho to be strong in protecting their Second Amendment rights. The Permit-less Carry Bill is an opportunity for Idaho’s legislature to demonstrate its respect for individual freedom and for the Second Amendment.

The next step for the bill is to be introduced into a committee and then given a hearing before it can proceed for a vote by the entire House body.


constitutional carry
Final Draft – Constitutional Carry Bill







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