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Has the Left Overplayed Its Hand? – Dan Lyman

We’re tired of the national narrative that the Left has been controlling for far too long.

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Has the Left Overplayed Its Hand?

As we cross the bridge from 2015 into what will (hopefully) be the final year of life under Barack Hussein Obama, there is much to reflect upon, and even more to anticipate. Many believe we are approaching the most critical election in modern American history. Others wonder if we will actually make it to November in one piece.

The damage the Left has managed to inflict on our society, thus far, is akin to what the streets would look like after a ‘Running of the Bulls’ if Pamplona were a gigantic fine china bazaar.

The economic outlook gets bleaker by the day. The Resident has doubled the national debt since taking office, with the per-citizen share approaching $60,000. Labor participation numbers are staggeringly bad – nearly 103 million working-age Americans currently do not have a job. And for those who are fortunate enough to be employed, less than half are netting more than $30,000 per year. Half of all Americans are on some form on government assistance, with 47 million on food stamps.

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Race relations are reaching a fever pitch. A steady stream of horrific violent crimes are being perpetrated against whites by minorities, as they are emboldened by the rhetoric of obsessive racialists like Spike Lee and Louis Farrakhan, who called for an army of 10,000 men prepared to ‘stalk’ and ‘kill’ unsuspecting victims.

Criminals are heralded as heroes by ignorant mobs who monotonously chant debunked myths like, “Hands up/Don’t shoot,” or decidedly more sinister proclamations of, “Pigs in a blanket/Fry ‘em like bacon.” Meanwhile, the shameless MainStreamMachine continues to push the inflammatory, out-dated fable of ‘institutionalized racism’ in a frantic attempt to keep the fire alive.

Rabid cultural Marxists are turning college campuses into decidedly unsafe spaces for free expression or independent thought – or even for simply being Caucasian, for that matter. And while watching pompous academics being cannibalized by their progeny is deliciously satisfying, it does not bode well for the future.

The boundaries of gender and sexuality have been pushed past their breaking point and inverted into a pretzel of vicious insanity. The mental illness of transgenderism is now championed by the Left as the latest favored ‘orientation,’ which has caused a conundrum for feminists who can’t decide whether to stand behind their fellow woman – or cozy up to the new guys on the block. Insipid trash-rag Glamour Magazine recently triggered an uproar by naming a male (Bruce Jenner) as their 2015 Woman of the Year. Bona fide dementia is apparently the new norm.

The balkanization of our nation along all possible fault lines is the objective of the Left. These are just a handful of the symptoms of a carefully-orchestrated societal de-evolution, contrived by anti-American, anti-Liberty, anti-Judeo-Christian antagonists and ideologues. To be sure, this is no spontaneous, grassroots cultural revolution; the angry, unwashed masses are marching on astroturf. They have been agitated by devious community organizers, coaxed by bitter, silver-ponytailed 60s radicals, and funded by demonic megalomaniacs like George Soros who grow more powerful with every inch Lady Liberty sinks into the mud.

socialismAfter over 100 years of doggedly chipping away, the radical Left seems to have abandoned the Fabian Socialism model for a much more aggressive, despotic modus operandi. Is this the next phase of their game-plan, or have they gotten sloppy in their anti-progressive zeal?

If the psychopaths have their way, the country will fracture and degrade to ‘Beyond Repair’ status, enabling them to rebuild it in their own hellish image – classic Cloward-Piven. The objective is to make America pay for her sins, and through brutal punishment and redistribution of wealth, remodel Her into the Socialist utopia that exists only in their tiny, smoke-filled heads.

For those of us who know our history, and do not wish to repeat it, we know that we face a fight to the death – either of the subversive Left, or of the Republic. I believe their unbridled hubris has caused them to underestimate the Silent Majority. They have never heard us roar. While they continue to whip themselves in a frenzied echo chamber of shrill hysteria, the rest of us are starting to draw some lines in the sand.

The limits of our patience have been reached, and we’re of sick of intolerance for traditional American morals and values. We’re tired of being called racists and bigots by racists and bigots. We’re tired of Third World illegal aliens and visa overstayers pouring into our country to commit crimes, dilute our culture with non-assimilatory sub-cultures, and leech off our prosperity and hard work. We’re tired of language being inverted and weaponized – ‘Progressives’ and ‘Liberals’ are anything but, and Islam is definitely not a ‘religion of peace.’ We’re tired of being cursed out and browbeaten over our God-given right to bear arms by the same mental midgets who defend the dissection of live babies. We’re tired of self-righteous, anti-human propagandists parroting the flagrant farce of ‘anthropogenic climate change.’ We’re tired of the abject filth being pumped out by Hollywood. We’re tired of the garbage being jammed down our kids’ throats in school. We’re tired of being harassed by totalitarian freaks about unisex bathrooms and white male privilege. We’re tired of wretched modern feminism. We’re tired of corrupt socialist politicians, elected by corrupt socialist fools, destroying our country, states, and cities.

And, perhaps most importantly – we’re tired of the fraudulence of the government-media complex. Alternative media is exploding in popularity, while Establishment outlets experience rapidly declining viewership and readership. People are craving the Truth, and many are figuring out that they won’t get it from the MainStreamMachine. So, they are seeking it elsewhere and finding it. And they are waking up in droves, speeding towards a tipping point – a collective paradigm shift.

We’re tired of the national narrative that the Left has been controlling for far too long.

There is a revolution coming – and it’s not the kind that the communist demagogue Bernie Sanders is trying to stir up amongst his frail, Brooklynite-hipster, Occupy mob. No, this is a Second American Rnot silent majorityevolution, currently being waged in the Information Battlespace by everyone from Shahram Hadian to Trevor Loudon to Dana, the patriotic homemaker on social media.

The Silent Majority is rising up, and we are not going back to sleep. We are on a mission to make America great again. We did it in 1776, and we will do it again because we possess an intangible that the oppressive Left does not: American Spirit.

I believe the Left has overplayed its hand.


by Dan Lyman



Reprinted with Permission


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  1. Bravo! Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking, and increasingly saying. Now to post links to this in places where it will be very welcome!

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