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Harney County Community Meeting Cancelled

"My offer stands to any Harney County resident" says Judge Grasty.

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January 25 Harney County Community Meeting Cancelled

There were rumors that this meeting would never happen. First it was the complaints of guns being freely carried. (Oregon is an ‘Open-Carry’ state.)

There have always been the complaints (mostly from Steve Grasty) of allowing Ammon Bundy to speak.

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Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Photo Credit: Redoubt News

The newest complaints, however, are coming from the residents of Burns, and Harney County. They want the right to hear Bundy, if they choose. They want the right to have a meeting without first having the topic approved by Judge Grasty. They want the right to speak their opinion without being labeled as not a ” real Harney County community” citizen.

Judge Steve Grasty appears to be scrambling. He has lost the narrative, and the control.

Statement by Judge Steve Grasty

It is with a heavy heart that I feel the need to cancel the community meeting scheduled for January 25. Preparations to protest and block entrance to the Senior Center have led me to determine that it’s time to take a time out. Cancellation of this meeting seems prudent in order to maintain the safety of our community and everyone in it, and because an open and honest conversation cannot take place in this type of atmosphere. Further, I will not give these agitators what they want most, which is attention.

My goal for these community meetings has always been to create a forum where Harney County residents can come together to ask questions and talk with one another during this difficult time. These are the people who elected me. These are people I want to hear from. It saddens me greatly that we cannot have this conversation among ourselves without interference from outsiders.

I feel it’s important to give Harney County residents an opportunity to share their concerns, express their frustrations, provide their input and ask their questions. My offer stands to any Harney County resident to make an appointment and come see me. My door is always open to you.

4 Comments on Harney County Community Meeting Cancelled

  1. Since when does a Judge–who’s job is JUDICIAL i.e. to preside over legal proceedings–have ANY authority to say when a community meeting can or cannot be held? Shouldn’t that be the EXECUTIVE decision of the County Board of Supervisors, in consultation with the Sheriff? Methinks this Judge has somehow assumed that he is running his own little fiefdom.

    • Seems their county government is set up that way, 3 commissioners, with the top seat being ‘Judge’ and the latest Sheriff having been appointed by them. Powerful setup, appears that while would be ‘convenient’ in a large land area/low population area, with the old adage ‘power corrupts’ leading to a Boss Hogg situation. They seem currently to be using the sledgehammer approach with their ‘direction and guidance’ as their county website says.

  2. its too bad people are coming in from outside this community and stopping actual local people from having community meetings because ammon bundy from Arizona cant attend the meeting with his gun carrying gang of out of towners

  3. He wants his nice little good ole boys club of control to continue. He sees his power disappearing into the fog being dispelled by truth setting in among the people who are beginning to realize the cabal is trying to control and maintain the status quo by controlling the dialogue, to the detriment of the people of Harney County.

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