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McDonald Announces Run for County Commissioner

“I want to put service back into public service,” says Candidate Dan McDonald.

leaders McDonald
Dan McDonald, Photo: Redoubt News

McDonald Announces Candidacy for Bonner County Commissioner


You might know Dan McDonald from the weekly radio broadcast of “Face-to-Face” where he goes up against Bob Wynhausen on local and national issues. If you haven’t heard the show, you can listen every Friday at noon, on Blue Sky Broadcasting.

McDonald invited us to the broadcast studio to sit down with him and discuss his bid for the Bonner County Commissioners seat, currently being held by Cary Kelly. So far, he is the only announced candidate, yet he is not looking at the campaign as a walk in the park. Regardless of an opposing candidate, Dan intends to be very visible, and accessible, to his constituents.

Dan and Kathy McDonald
Dan and Kathy McDonald

McDonald, 56, has been a resident of Bonner County for 20 years. Married to Kathy, they have raised three children and have four grandchildren.

Working with the Garland Company, Dan is a roofing consultant. He feels this experience is a valuable tool for what he can accomplish at the county level. Knowing what to watch for in projects the county is funding is key to keeping them on track and within budget. With his extensive business background and experience in both managing budgets and personnel, this is not difficult for him.

Between his generous help with local charities, and his interest in local government, McDonald has been a visible figure at various local events for some time. Always active in paying attention to government at all levels, he expects the citizens to let him know what is on their minds. Staying informed on multiple issues, he breaks down some of the hot topics for us.

While acknowledging that the citizens are truly the “boss” or employers of the elected officials, he takes the attitude that they should be treated as “customers”. “I want to put service back into public service,” he states.

Dan wants to talk to you. Besides his scheduled appearances, you can contact him at his personal email: . You can, also, contact him by phone at 208-661-0428.

McDonald will be having his official campaign ‘roll out’ later this month. Stay tuned for the dates and locations.