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Berglund Challenges Troy in District 5

Public servants must “Remember that they work for the people.”

carl berglund idaho representative

Berglund Challenges Troy in District 5


Idaho’s District 5 covers Latah and Benewah counties and is home to the City of Moscow and the University of Idaho Vandals. Though the area is known as liberal, Caroline Nilsson Troy won seat 5B on a conservative platform.

Halfway through her first term, Troy’s supporters suggest she has learned how to represent both Democrats and Republicans and they applaud her for keeping her record diverse. Her opponents, however, feel she has lost her conservative roots.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation scores her at a -12, which is fairly mid-ranged. Not the most conservative, yet not the most liberal.

Carl Berglund, a Constitutional Conservative, vows to challenge her in the upcoming Primary.

Berglund, a Navy veteran, states that Troy’s voting record and lack of responsiveness to her constituents are the driving factors for his challenge. He says that public servants must “Remember that they work for the people.”

Though he grew up around the military and moved around during his youth, Berglund feels that he has given his large family strong roots in Latah County. He is friendly and well-liked within his community, and his strong Christian background is as valued as is his constitutional approach to government.

Staunchly Pro-Life and in favor of the death penalty for capital crimes, Berglund also states that the current refugee resettlement program is a problem because the refugees cannot be vetted. He is also currently reading the Quran and feels the Muslim teachings are a problem for Westerners.

Berglund vows that, if elected, he can promise to respond to his constituents. He feels the frustration of many that cannot get through to their elected officials. He may not always agree with someone’s opinion, but he is always willing to listen.

For comments to this article, I attempted to contact Representative Troy several times. I will follow up when she responds.

1 Comment on Berglund Challenges Troy in District 5

  1. To Carl Berglund:

    I’m with you sir. We need candidates that support limited, constitutional government. It’s odd how legislators, such as Caroline Troy, say the Freedom Index is unfair or grade “too hard.” The principles of the index come (in many parts) from the Idaho Republican Party’s own platform. Should we support those who cannot even support the Republican Platform?

    Should we listen to the excuses of those who want to take away our freedom and liberty?

    I’m running for office in Jerome-Twin Falls Counties (Dist 25A) with a nice woman whose served for 28 years in the legislature.Only 68% of the legislature votes more conservative than her… yet she gets Republican support in the district.

    If Reps. Maxine Bell’s and Caroline Troy’s records are more in line with the Democratic Platform than the Republican Platform, what does that say about their values and principles?

    Let’s stay true to our conservative, limited government, individual right roots.

    Good luck with your campaign Carl. We need more like you in the Idaho legislature!

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